Rustom – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Rustom is a Crime Mystery thriller movie based on the Naval officer Cdr Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati (1925-2003). It is all about a happily married couple derailed from there life, because the officer’s wife started loving someone else when he was out for long sailing duties for months. When the officer confronted this truth he lost the temper and rushed to kill the person with whom his wife was into relationship.


The movie is all about a suspense which I ethically can’t explain here, you should experience the thrill in cinemas for this. Director Tinu Suresh Desai fantastically made up this movie with excellent cinematography. The way camera is rolling around and the angles used with awesome editing creativity is commendable. Movie was shown in the post-Independence era, i.e 1950’s. The way it portrays Bombay with vintage cars running on the road, men wearing trousers above lower abdomen with short ties. But Somewhere they failed in presentation while trying to show the Delhi Airport and Air India flight, that looked like cartoon animation, but it can be ignored.


Akshay Kumar as Cdr Rustom is outstanding on screen, he is looking dashing in the white prestigious Naval uniform. He is in the uniform throughout the movie and constantly kept a behaviour of a defence personnel with awesome etiquette. When it comes to a patriotic character or a defence character Akshay Kumar always take that to a different level. Ileana D’Cruz is playing the role of Mrs Cynthia Pavri looking beautiful in the 1950’s style dresses. She beautifully played the role of a lady who has been trapped into a mesmerized world where she slipped towards an extra martial relationship. Esha Gupta is playing an irritating high class women role, sister of Vikarm Makhija the victim who got killed. She was seriously irritating onscreen with the kind of attitude she carries throughout the movie.

kumud mishra

Hats off to Mr. Kumud Mishra, how beautifully he gets into the character in his movies is commendable. In Sultan he turned as a Haryanvi speaking coach and now he is a newspaper owner and a Parsi. He was beautifully imitating the way a Parsi speak. He is a character in the movie who will remain in your mind for long time after watching this movie. Sachin Khedekar as opposition lawyer nailed the role with outstanding performance, no doubt he is a legend actor. I found the movie awesome ignoring a little bit lagging in between.

A nice crime-mystery thriller with fantastic performance of all artists.

Mohenjo Daro – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

When the Director is Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker, along with Hrithik Roshan, then no doubt it will be a magical presentation for your eyes. An epic fiction based on the ancient Indus Valley Civilization featuring their city Mohenjo Daro, it is the first commercial film in the world featuring this civilization. Movie runs in 2016 BC era where a farmer from a small village comes to the greatest city ever in that age for rescuing a beautiful lady along with the whole civilization. He fought against all the evil and stood with people of Mohenjo Daro till the survival.

Movie is very beautifully portraying the time zone and Director has taken care of every small detail to give it real look. Like, igniting fire by the friction of rocks, the kind of clothing material used for dresses, even the language they speak was different but beautifully converted to Hindi in a cinematic way that one should experience in the cinema. The kind of trading that was done at that time, the barter system, how horses came to Asia and how the gold trade began, everything is covered in this movie. Locations are carefully chosen where still we can travel behind from the modern things, like outskirts of Bhuj and Marble Rocks of Jabalpur along with Narmada River. Movie is followed by a huge research to write the script with various archaeologist working on these civilizations. Cherry on the top is the music of AR Rahman, that made it fantastic, especially the song “Tu Hai” was flowing from the beginning to end of the movie.

mohenjo-daro-poster-pooja-hegdeBrilliant and outstanding performance by Hrithik Roshan, this guy is setting up a different standard film by film. He is so much into the character that, nowhere you will get a feel that he is the same guy who lives in our time period. The beautiful Pooja Hegde looking gorgeous with kind of costume specially designed with lot of research. Kabir Bedi is there in the negative role, I must say he nailed it with such a rock solid performance. Arunoday Singh with his massive personality added up the evil part of the movie. Other cast is full of talented bunch of actors like Suhasini Mulay, Nitish Bhardwaj, Manish Choudhary and the list goes on.

A must watch for witnessing a great movie along with some facts of ancient civilization.


The Legend of Michael Mishra – Movie Review

1.0 Stars (1.0 / 5)

A complete waste of money and time is the first thing you will realize coming out of the theater. I must say Director Manish Jha wasted the talent of actors Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani. They all are proven talented persons of our Hindi Film Industry. Movie started with awesome casting song and screenplay, a beautiful set of Michael’s Dhaba but after that I really want to say there is not even a single moment in the movie which is interesting.


Movie is based on an unrealistic story, even if I ignore it, as it is a so called comedy movie, but there was nothing to laugh or enjoy. What you experience are the crappy dialogues which will make you sick rather than laugh. But you may laugh at yourself like I did, that why am I watching this till end. Kayoze Irani son of Boman Irani tried his best and he was little bit good as compared to other cast. If talking about Arshad, I don’t know what happened to him as he was not able to take that character up. It looks like the story and direction went wrong which actually drowned this film. A jail with the name of Bhairavghat ki Kalapani, a temple scene exactly like what our Hindi Heroes did in 80’s and 90’s. A criminal escaped from jail is free to live openly as his criminal records got evaded, may be some with some magic.


The gorgeous heroine Aditi Rao Hydari is there in opposite lead, she is there throughout the movie misguiding our Hero Michael. Some not at all required songs in the movie will really shoot up your blood pressure in the cinema. The whole movie is narrated by Boman Irani to some travelers, the way he narrated, the intensity he brought there actually build up some expectations that something is gonna happen in the movie. But at last it felt like the narration part is much intense and better than the whole movie itself.

Overall, please watch it on your own risk.


Madaari – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

It is all about fighting against the corrupt system in an unethical way. The very talented Director Nishant Kamat and the legendary actor Irrfan Khan, when they meet up you can just imagine the intensity of the movie. As shown in the trailer it is all about a man who lost everything in a disaster, a flyover collapsed in Mumbai city, where his only son is crushed to death. He was his sole only family in this world.


This mishap made him to do something drastic which actually shakes the government of the country terrifically. Jimmy Shergill is in the movie as a Police Officer who is chasing Irrfan Khan throughout the movie. The film travels through a thrilling pace but in between it loses the speed and started lagging, which actually brought some boredom in the cinema. Somehow it picked the grasp again in the climax with a good node of ending.


Talking about actors, Tushar Dalvi is there as Home Minister of India, did complete justice to his role. Nitish Pandey playing the role of a famous journalist, who is now days loud on screen, hope you got about whom I am talking about.

Movie is intense, thrilling and a good watch

Budhia Singh – Born to Run

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

A forgotten hero is narrated again through the silver screen. A big applause for Director Soumendra Padhi for making this film and let the world know about the wonder boy Budhia Singh. The story is based on the boy who was only five years old when he completed 48 marathons. Budhia Awooga Singh was born in 2002 at Orrisa, an Indian boy and world’s youngest marathon runner. The legendary run of his life was from Puri to Bhubaneshwar at the age of four covering 65 kilometres in seven hours and two minutes.


His coach Branchi Das was the person behind this wonderful boy who discovered Budhia’s ability to run for longer durations. Manoj Bajpayee played the role of Branchi Das in the movie. Mayur Mahendra Patole is the kid playing the role of Budhia. Later, The Indian Child Welfare officials came into picture and made an accusation of exploiting the child by Mr. Das. They put a ban on Budhia’s running and the ban still continues. Budhia is now 14 years old and still living as an another odd child at sports hostel of Bhubneshwar.

Movie is filled with enthusiasm and thrill of Budhia and his coach. Manoj Bajpayee nailed the role of Branchi Das as always he does in his films. Shruti Marathe is there in the movie as wife of Branchi Das. shruti-maratheTilotama Shome is playing the role of Budhia’s mother. Technically movie is little slow around interval, audience was expecting a thrilling end at climax but as it was biopic and thus, nothing can be shown so much dramatically, so it is ignorable. The important thing is that we should not forget Budhia Singh and should support him for his career. As per late Mr. Branchi Das, Budhia is the person who can bring a gold medal for India in Olympics. He was keen to participate Budhia in 2016 Olympics but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Hoping this movie will lighten up the carrier of Budhia and he can bring back his glory and power for running marathons like before.

A must watch to know about a forgotten Hero


Actual photograph of Budhia Singh now.