Happy Ending – Movie Review

1.0 Stars (1.0 / 5)

Happy Ending is not that much a Happy moment or Happy ending for the audience. The same old Saif Ali Khan Casanova role in slow paced, boring story plot.

I tried building my interest so many times in the movie but couldn’t hold to that. Saif should understand we are no more interested to see him in the same kind of formula.. please come up with some thing big your potential is high.


Well movie rolls around the plot that a US based Indian guy need Romance but no Commitment. Finally he meet a like minded girl and fall in love and then Happy Ending. Movie begins with Kareena Kapoor as a guest appearance.. Throughout the movie you can see Preity Zinta as Saif’s ex-girlfriend (may be from Salaam Namaste lolzz :p).

I would say, it’s only govinda who was little entertainment factor with his short appearances through out the movie. A Hilarious moment is when he takes out his shirt for a plastic surgery for Six pack abs.

Ileana d’cruz was looking quite good and played a fantastic role as an eye-opener for casanova Saif Ali Khan.

Over all movie is quite slow and boring leading to the audience snoring. Look at my fellow co-seaters in interval at below picture…

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