Rocky Handsome – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

A movie with insane fight moves as per Bollywood standards along with a massive “Hulk figure” John Abraham. The initial fifteen minutes of movie is slow and lagging and the screenplay is dark. It may bore you and disappoint you till almost first half. Movie will pace up very nicely after the interval and the real thriller series begins after interval.


Director Nishikant Kamat lacked somewhere in the first half, he himself is acting as the villain in the movie in a bald look. All the actors like John, Nishikant, Sharad Kelkar  gave their best as was required for the role but I guess somewhere the screenplay and direction went wrong in the overall presentation. The plot was good, casting was accurate. The story lagged while showing the flash back, the effort to connect the present to past became little boring and almost predictable.


The seven-year-old kid Diya Chalwat, I can say she had the best performance in the movie with so much real emotions and expressions. Talking about the story it is all about a vengeful man chasing for the culprit madly for his 7-year-old baby friend who had Diya-Chalwadbeen kidnapped for some reason. Movie roles around the past of John and the journey of rescuing the girl from kidnappers. John Abraham was really looking huge with awesome and outstanding physique and fighting scenes. Shruti Hassan is there in a cameo role as John’s wife with not at all needed song in the first half.

Overall, watch it for John Abraham, awesome fighting scenes and the brilliant Diya Chalwat…


Kapoor & Son’s (Since 1921) – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

If you really want to see a family drama, then this is the pick for you. Very beautifully carved characters with awesome chemistry and appearances. Movie is all about understandings and misunderstandings amongst a family consisting parents, two sons and a grandpa.


The scenes are set in a beautiful village somewhere near hilly areas of tamilnadu. Beautiful landscapes and charismatic set added an extra treat to audiences’ eyes to get relaxed in between the nasty quarrels of family. A not so perfect couple having two sons who jelled together really well, hiding an emotional twist over ones mind which becomes chilly or sweet sometimes. A grandpa with naughty and evergreen nature will really make you laugh on his cheesy dialogues.


It is rishi kapoor hidden behind a brilliant makeup, making him look really old and different in the role. Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak, two brilliant actors, playing as parents of the family are outstanding in their roles. They are gonna remain in your mind for long even after the movie. Fawad Khan with his awesome looks and some hidden twist in his role rocked the screen with his brilliant performance. Alia Bhatt, as always, a cute and pretty girl with bindaas nature and attitude. Siddhart Malhotra as younger son of family coupled with Alia did well and brought himself into realistic acting like what he did on Finding Fanny.

Overall it is a treat to your family to understand that nobody is perfect and it is the understanding and little adjustments which can make your life crispy and crazy.

Tera Suroor – Movie Review

1 Stars (1 / 5)

A torture from Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimaee which can really make you mad and cry loud out in the cinema hall or you must have a very high tolerance level like me to see the movie till the end. And if, even after reading the above line, you are going to watch the movie then I will suggest to go for a holiday post that to make you relax or a meditation session to get rid of the frustration of movie.


Talking about movie there is nothing other than some sleeky and not needed intense looks of Himesh. From start to end you can see Himesh in various intense looks and showing off his skinny body and abs with some larger than life action not suiting over the metro sexual look of Himesh in the movie. Actress Farah is just used as a beautiful face without much dialogue and role. Other irritating thing is, there is a villan with the name Anirudh Pandit but till the last scene there is no face for him. May be the film makers thought that this will create a thrill over audience, but sorry it actually irritated us.


Irony is that when I was at Box office for ticket of Tera Suroor the ticket vendor, people around were looking at me in a manner that as if, I have asked for something which is not acceptable in society. Due to embarrassment I asked in a lower voice for ticket but that bloody vendor re-confirmed the movie and show time in his loud speaker, making me really embarrassed. After all these things, in the cinema I got a little relief when I saw there were three more fools like me to watch the show. So it was a total of four people in the hall.

Please don’t watch the movie at all, it may lead you to Brain Malfunction.

Aligarh – Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)

A movie based on true story of a professor of Aligarh University who was homosexual and due to his sexual orientation he was assaulted and dismissed from the university. It is a classic kind of movie which portrays the feelings of a homosexual person, how the society is biased towards them, how they can’t reveal their desires in society, they are not allowed to live life freely after revealing the truth that they are homosexual, how our society is not much matured to understand the fact about homosexuality.

Story is all about Dr. Shrinivas Ramachandra Siras, a Marathi professor and chairman of Modern Indian Languages Aligarh University, who was sting by a local TV Channel in his private time at home inside University Campus, where he was sharing his moments with his friend a rickshaw puller. The TV Journalist not only filmed them in awkward moment but also beats them and forced to pose in dirty and embarrassing positions for the camera. Later on another Journalist approached him and managed to bring out the truth out. A lawyer who fought against Delhi High Court and win over Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code where homosexuality is legalized in India stood for Dr. Siras and finally he got the justice. But unfortunately, professor chose some other way to end up all his problems.


Talking about Manoj Bajpayee, his intense and realistic acting is exactly what is expected from such an awesome legend of acting. He nailed the character by his unique way of presentation. Rajkumar Rao as journalist also contributed an excellent part from his side. He is becoming king of realistic acting like Irfan Khan.

Watch to realize the pain of a homosexual person in our society.

Jai Gangaajal – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

A power packed performance from Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Jha, actor and director of the movie. Somewhat I felt Prakash Jha over shadowed Priyanka Chopra with his excellent and outstanding performance. It doesn’t mean that Priyanka is something less, she has become a new level in the race of Indian Actresses. Achievements one after another is taking her to the top of the world. Our usual male heroic icon is always the lead in every Bollywood movie, but actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukon, Vidya Balan and many more are setting an example that women can also be an iconic hero in the movie and can take the movies to next level.

priyanka chopra

The story is all about the Police Force and crime rooted in Central part of India with the toppings of corruption and dirty politics. Story is taking us towards a message that, Police will reform themselves as required as per situation and one day as always the truth will succeed over the evil. A village where Manav Kaul as local MLA and Ninad Kamat as his brother ruled the whole constitution by their power and money. Harassing poor villagers to sell their farms in cheap rates to build factories and industries leading to various cruelties and murders. Priyanka rise up there as an honest and powerful police officer and fight against these evils by bringing the corrupt officers to the correct way.

prakash jha

Commendable acting by Ninad Kamat and Manav Kaul that audience will really hate them, such a powerful evilness is shown in the movie.

Overall, it is a must watch for Prakash Jha and Priyanka Chopra’s performance.