Rocky Handsome – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

A movie with insane fight moves as per Bollywood standards along with a massive “Hulk figure” John Abraham. The initial fifteen minutes of movie is slow and lagging and the screenplay is dark. It may bore you and disappoint you till almost first half. Movie will pace up very nicely after the interval and the real thriller series begins after interval.


Director Nishikant Kamat lacked somewhere in the first half, he himself is acting as the villain in the movie in a bald look. All the actors like John, Nishikant, Sharad Kelkar  gave their best as was required for the role but I guess somewhere the screenplay and direction went wrong in the overall presentation. The plot was good, casting was accurate. The story lagged while showing the flash back, the effort to connect the present to past became little boring and almost predictable.


The seven-year-old kid Diya Chalwat, I can say she had the best performance in the movie with so much real emotions and expressions. Talking about the story it is all about a vengeful man chasing for the culprit madly for his 7-year-old baby friend who had Diya-Chalwadbeen kidnapped for some reason. Movie roles around the past of John and the journey of rescuing the girl from kidnappers. John Abraham was really looking huge with awesome and outstanding physique and fighting scenes. Shruti Hassan is there in a cameo role as John’s wife with not at all needed song in the first half.

Overall, watch it for John Abraham, awesome fighting scenes and the brilliant Diya Chalwat…