Shivaay – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

A power charged action blockbuster Directed and Acted by Ajay Devgan. The movie overall is fantastic and outstanding with excellent screenplay and direction. Before watching the movie, I was expecting larger than life actions, hanging on wires with lot of bad VFX. ajay-devgn-shivaay-7591Making me wrong, this movie delivered actions with thrilling experience even though larger than life but entertaining. VFX is used in all mountain parts of the movie but work is excellent. The title song Bolo Har Har Har actually increased the intensity of the movie. The song is too much powerful to handle. This music and chanting of Sanskrit slogans are running along with all action sequences, which actually mesmerized the audience.

As shown in trailer, movie is all about a person living somewhere around Himalayan range and working as a Trek Camp Organiser and owner. He so perfect in trekking that at certain occasions Indian Army also takes help from him in some operations. sayeshaHe met a Bulgarian beauty some day and the story goes on with thrilling action sequences. Erika Kaar is there in the role of Bulgarian girl Olga, Abigail Eames as Gaura, daughter of Shivaay. Sayesha Saigal is playing the role of an Indian Embassy Officer. Vir Das is also there as a computer expert.

Abigail Eames is the life line of story and she was too good in that role. The whole movie is solely lead by Ajay Devgan and you can really see the hard work he did for this movie. Only lacking point which I found in the movie is that it was little lagging in between interval and climax. But trust me this movie definitely inspires you to do some trekking and reach the great Himalayas.

Overall it is a must watch movie for some awesome action sequences.