Rustom – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Rustom is a Crime Mystery thriller movie based on the Naval officer Cdr Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati (1925-2003). It is all about a happily married couple derailed from there life, because the officer’s wife started loving someone else when he was out for long sailing duties for months. When the officer confronted this truth he lost the temper and rushed to kill the person with whom his wife was into relationship.


The movie is all about a suspense which I ethically can’t explain here, you should experience the thrill in cinemas for this. Director Tinu Suresh Desai fantastically made up this movie with excellent cinematography. The way camera is rolling around and the angles used with awesome editing creativity is commendable. Movie was shown in the post-Independence era, i.e 1950’s. The way it portrays Bombay with vintage cars running on the road, men wearing trousers above lower abdomen with short ties. But Somewhere they failed in presentation while trying to show the Delhi Airport and Air India flight, that looked like cartoon animation, but it can be ignored.


Akshay Kumar as Cdr Rustom is outstanding on screen, he is looking dashing in the white prestigious Naval uniform. He is in the uniform throughout the movie and constantly kept a behaviour of a defence personnel with awesome etiquette. When it comes to a patriotic character or a defence character Akshay Kumar always take that to a different level. Ileana D’Cruz is playing the role of Mrs Cynthia Pavri looking beautiful in the 1950’s style dresses. She beautifully played the role of a lady who has been trapped into a mesmerized world where she slipped towards an extra martial relationship. Esha Gupta is playing an irritating high class women role, sister of Vikarm Makhija the victim who got killed. She was seriously irritating onscreen with the kind of attitude she carries throughout the movie.

kumud mishra

Hats off to Mr. Kumud Mishra, how beautifully he gets into the character in his movies is commendable. In Sultan he turned as a Haryanvi speaking coach and now he is a newspaper owner and a Parsi. He was beautifully imitating the way a Parsi speak. He is a character in the movie who will remain in your mind for long time after watching this movie. Sachin Khedekar as opposition lawyer nailed the role with outstanding performance, no doubt he is a legend actor. I found the movie awesome ignoring a little bit lagging in between.

A nice crime-mystery thriller with fantastic performance of all artists.

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