Welcome to Karachi – Movie Review

2 Stars (2 / 5)

From the starting itself you will get a feel that movie is little low budget and bit boring till the first 15-20 minutes. Some unbelievable animations like A big cruise boat get drowned in sea due to bad climatic conditions but a small rescue boat managed there.


Later on, the duo did a fantastic performance. Hats off to Arshad Warsi… a born actor and talented comedian. The way they portrayed Karachi and world war on the street of city between embassies of each country created so much fun. Very excellent picturization of Taliban area (Wazirastan). Jackie is playing the role of dump Gujarati guy who’s foolishness lead to so many problems and Arshad is a court martial-led  Indian Naval Officer. You also get to see the beautiful girl of ABCD Part1 Lauren Gottlieb as Pakistan Intelligence.


Cheers to script writer, movie is rich with punches of Arshad and Jackie Bhagnani. It seems Jackie’s acting is getting matured day by day and I believe it is good for him to tie-up with senior actors like Arshad to prove his name in the industry. Both of the lead guys did an excellent job but the lacking point of the movie is some boring songs and last but the main point is no strong climax.But I assure, the movie is much give you some light chilling moments with the way they created humour in simple things.

Go and watch the movie if you have nothing to do at this weekend and enjoy some light humour.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Kangna Ranaut has emerged as a Brand in Hindi Film Industry (HiFi). She completely rocked the movie with excellent and outstanding performance. Movie commenced with casting on a regular video shoot as background like every next Indian marriage video looks like. There itself it gives you a feel that how creative the Director Anand Rai is. The Haryanvi Character of Kangna as Kusum is so perfectly played, I am unable find words to describe the feeling. She imitated the Haryanvi language in such a pace and accent that you gonna doubt isn’t she the same Kangna who is acting as Tanu in the movie.


R. Madhavan as always he is good there in the movie but felt little outside in comparison with the Kangna’s acting, sorry maddy she stealed the show this time. Movie is full of punches by Deepak Dobriyal (Pappi) and pappiMohammed Zeeshan Ayyub (Chintu – The lawyer). Chintu defines a category of boys call “Kandha” (Shoulder) who have mastery of giving shoulder to those girls whose relationship break up. Eijaz Khan as Jassi is having a dialouge in a punjabi marriage… He announce on stage “Jo nahi nachega, kal subah mata rani uski maa utha legi” lolzz… I promise you gonna enjoy every bit and byte of the film.

jimmy-shergillJimmi Shergill as Raja Awasthi the villan of last movie is still on, but this time for a change there is no villan at all. He is in a comic character rather than as negative role. Though he played a very strong character in the last one, his role loosed that much strongness in this one.

Tried to portay the evil of Girl Child Killing, backward treatment towards girls as one of the lacking point of Haryana. The message has been well conveyed by the brilliant actor rajesh-sharmaRajesh Sharma (Kusum’s Brother). In the whole movie it is like a cultural union, you can get the feel of three different types of marriages – UP(Kanpur) Wedding, Haryana Wedding and Punjabi Wedding.

During the entire movie, I felt that what is happening in the movie is not correct, it is not the right justice… But this is what Director Anand wants the audience to feel. Watch the movie to know what actually happened as I never reveal the suspense and story of the movie in my reviews 🙂

“It is a must watch movie for everyone, and three cheers to Kangna for being in the Industry for making us feel proud about the Women Power.”

Bombay Velvet – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

One of the most hyped and most awaited Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet failed to impress audience even after it is one of the most beautiful piece of cinema in the means of direction, cinematography and acting. Lacking point of the movie for mass audiences was the pace and story , which became little slow and lagging after a great start. From the point of view as a cinema lover, I can say that the movie is awesome. But adding some pace and little spice masala overall can make it hit over Indian mass audience.

Movie starts with portraying the beautiful legend Raveena Tandon (Guest appearance) in a colorful gown. Very beautiful description of that old era of 50’s and 60’s showing Old Goa ruled by Portuguese, the culture, music from Portuguese and mixed theme of India and British.

karan-joharFantastic and outstanding performance from Karan Johar in a negative role proved his acting skills too. In the terms of looks and performance you cant outrage both the leads Ranbir and Anushka, they were just awesome on the screen. You can enjoy and learn the history of Bombay, the City of Dreams. How the city was born, filling the sea between various islands became a huge block of land transforming to a Mahanagar. Story of Nariman point and how the World Trade Centre came to Cuff Parade. The iconic Air India building of Marine Drive.


Story is all about the Mafias & smugglers flourished after the Independence of India exploiting the poor enthusiastic youth of the country. The so called corruption and politics starts just with our Independence and still the evil is ruining our country. It is a full packed bunch of perfect actors including K K Menon as a Crime Branch Officer and obviously directed by the most talented Anurag Kashyap.

“Do watch the movie if you love cinema, not for them who needs only Bollywood Masala.”

Piku – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Excellent and outstanding, is the impression after getting out from the theatre. A master piece of art and acting. It may be not appealing for those audience who need bollywood masala. It is a light and funny piece of story that rolls around a bengali family.


Movie portrays how exactly a typical bengali family is, staying at the famous C R park. Amitabh Bachchan as Bashkor Banerjee an old person staying with his only daughter Piku (Deepika Padukone). Story is all about their small world and where quarrels are the order of the day.You can say the whole story is based on “Shit” lolzz… Mr. Banerjee is suffering from constipation and all his talks and activities revolve around his disease. He is always in a state of mind where he is suffering from some serious disease. Due to such kiddish and typical fussy kind of nature he irritates every one around.



Irrfan Khan a tour and taxi operator get stuck with them for a Kolkata Road Trip. And the funny ride begins with exciting situations covering half of the movie. What can we say about him, he is a gifted person as it is like so effortlessly he gets into the character that he will make you feel that none other than him can replace him.

“Cheers to director Shoojit Sircar for such an excellent presentation, A must watch!”

Gabbar is Back – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

Akshay kumar again rocking nowadays by series of awesome movies like Oh My God, Special 26, Baby and now the thriller “Gabbar is Back”. Brilliant and outstanding performance by Akshay Kumar.


Even the story line is in the old platform of our country’s biggest evil corruption, but it is a new packet and flavour. You are really gonna have goose bumps while watching the movie. Akshay kumar as a citizen who get frustrated by our so called system rages a war against them in garb of a mystery man ‘Gabbar’. He almost busted every department and reached a milestone where change has occurred in our system. Also some social media pages are spreading viral messages like our country need more Gabbars rather than Gandhis.


Shruti Hasan, looking beautiful and gorgeous in the movie is not allocated with much role. Kareena is in a guest appearance but really made the song ‘Teri meri Kahani’ a nice piece of entertainment.


Sunil Grover as a Hawaldar in movie has shown his potential out from Guthi of Comedy night with Kapil Sharma.

I personally believe Suman Talwar’s impact as a villan is not much good, but in a combo with Akshay Kumar it went through.

Rest the whole cast did a fantabulous job which makes this movie a worth watching at least once.