Freaky Ali – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

A movie written and directed by Sohail Khan starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui (as Ali), Amy Jackson (as Megha) and Arbaaz Khan (as Maqsood) in leading roles. It is a sports oriented romantic comedy based on not so popular game in masses of India, Golf. Movie was very slow and boring in the beginning with an unwanted song which actually turns off the mood of audience who was expecting some serious acting from Nawazuddin Siddiqui film. Thank God but the movie gradually took the pace and Sohail Khan gave justice to his lead person Nawazuddin as per his capabilities.

As shown in trailer, movie is all about a poor guy from slums of Mumbai who was an under garment seller, later on worked for underworld. As luck favours him, one day Asif Basra (as Kishan Lal) realises the talent of Ali of hitting excellent shots with a golf club. He trains him and make him compete in national level golf tournament. The whole movie goes on this journey of golf and a rivalry with existing champion of the Golf Jas Arora (as Peter).

No doubt about the legend actor Nawazuddin, he was outstanding in the movie with his effortless acting and dialogue delivery. The beautiful Amy Jackson is there in a supporting role, maybe they casted as opposite role but I felt as a supporting role. She did what she has chosen for the movie. Arbaaz Khan as Ali’s friend an underworld person playing a major role in Ali’s life did justice to his role with good acting skills and performance. Huge applause to Asif Basra who was playing Caddy for Ali was outstanding in his role. Nikitin Dheer, Paresh Ganatra and Jackie Shroff (in cameo role) are there in comic roles featuring an underworld gang leading by Danger Bhai.

The lacking points in the movie as per my analysis are the initial 15 minutes of lagging story and the dramatic touch added in the climax as always happening in the very next Hindi movie.

Overall, it is a onetime watch to see the performance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Baar Baar Dekho – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

A movie with little different plot than usual Bollywood movies. It is produced by Dharma Productions (Karan Johar) and Excel Entertainment (Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani), Directed by Nitya Mehra as her debut film in Hindi Cinema. As a director she did a fantastic job as the direction and screenplay was brilliantly done that when it combined with sci-fi scenes of the movie it is an awesome presentation. As shown in trailer, movie is all about a person who was too good in mathematics but not so good in living life beautifully, who had a challenge with destiny and rituals. He is stuck into an equation of time where within four nights he traveled into future from his 20’s to 60’s age. Where he realized the importance of family, happiness, being social etc. and he got a chance to see the consequence of the life if he choose his current ways of living in the early age. He solved the equation by finding out what to fix, to get it correct.

Sidharth Malhotra is the leading actor and he was outstanding in the movie. Katrina Kaif is there in the opposite lead role, she is looking amazingly beautiful but in terms of acting its again a little emotionless presentation. Ram Kapoor is there in the movie as father of Katrina, but I guess he is not been used much as according to his capabilities. Well, movie will really give some goose bumps when Sidhart Malhotra really found out the way of living and the actual sense of happiness. It is giving a message to society that chasing your dreams is good but don’t forget to grab your own people while running behind the success.

Other than this there are few bunch of actors like Rajit Kapur, Rohan Joshi from AIB, Sayani gupta in supporting roles. Movie is as colourful as a Bollywood movie use to with marriage songs, beautiful sets and mesmerizing songs like Sau Aasman and Teri Khair Mangdi.

Overall, it is a nice watch to realize the value of life.

Naam Hai Akira – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

What a brilliant performance by Sonakshi Sinha and Anurag Kashyap! A thriller action movie from Director/Producer A R Murugadoss, as shown in trailer it is all about a girl who grows up in a condition where she trains herself for self-defense and to fight against the odds in the society. Later when she is in college she unwittingly gets into a crime which has been executed by four police officers, lead by the biggest evil in the movie ACP Rane (Anurag Kashyap).

Movie is all about the journey of the girl fighting against brutal criminals along with the power of Police Force. She never felt helpless and fought with bravery and wisdom to overcome the situations. Sonakshi Sinha nailed the character and I believe there is no alternate person for this role other than this macho lady. The action sequences are filmed in such a precision that, even after being larger than life it was actually thrilling and entertaining. In our Hero Oriented film industry, this kind of Heroine oriented, specially action movies are little risky in terms of business. But I appreciate Mr. A R Murugadoss for this awesome, fantastic film and this one proved that our Industry can’t be male oriented anymore.

Movie portrays various evils of our society like acid attacks and how should we react towards those anti-social elements, how should we train our children to be self-reliant for all different situations of life. Konkona Sen Sharma is in the movie narrating the story of Akira and in the character of a crime investigation officer. Atul Kulkarni is in the movie as father of Akira, a teacher to deaf and dumb children. Amit Sadh in supporting role as a friend to Akira did justice to his role. Raai Laxmi is there in the movie in a short role as a high profile prostitute and she is the key person behind all the misery that happened to Akira’s life.

Well it is a must watch to realize Hindi Film Industry is not Male Oriented anymore…

Kaaga – By Deepak Kalawat Aryan

This is a song about time and love, where time goes by but the memories of our loved ones always remain in our hearts, are eternal.
Where “Kaaga” is metaphorically used for “Time”. As we have no control over time, it goes by and we get older and older with it and eventually die but the hope of meeting that special someone always remains in our heart and soul. This is a song of a lover who is requesting “Time” to take away everything from him/her except the hope he/she has of meeting his/her beloved.

This song was shot in a total duration of 3 hours in an 8×8 room and edited in a day. Nothing was planned or rehearsed. Everything was completely impromptu. Hope you will like the song and video.

lyrics with English Translation :

[Kaaga sab tan khaiyo ,Do naina mat khaio]*2
(Crow ,Take away all the flesh of mine,except the eyes)

Inhe piya milan ,piya milan, piya milan ki Aass
(Because they have hope to meet my love)

hoooo inhe piya milan ,piya milan ,piya milan ki aass
(Because they have hope to meet my love )

[Kaaga sab tan khaiyo ,Do naina mat khaio]*2
(Crow ,Take away all flesh of mine,except the eyes)

Stanza :

Sagri Ren jagi rey ,Ratiyan Aise kaati rey ,
(All the nights i was awake, and spent them )
Jaise taaro bin ,jiye rey chandaa…..
( like the moon lives without the stars..)

Aaja more saanwre,pyas mori bhuja ja rey,
( come my lover,please quench my thirst of love)
Tore bin jiya mora laage na….
(and without you i cannot live..)

Aaaja rey ,o rey more saanwre ,….
(Please come,ohh my love…)

Mohe tore milan,Tore milan,Tore milan ki Aas…
(Because I have hope to meet you my love)

Inhe piya milan ,piya milan, piya milan ki Aass
(Because they have hope to meet my love)

[Kaaga sab tan khaiyo ,Do naina mat khaio]*2
(Crow ,Take away all the flesh of mine,except the eyes)

[Do naina mat khaio]*3
(Dont take away the eyes)*3


Vocals/Guitar : Deepak Kalawat Aaryan
Lyrics and composed by : Deepak Kalawat Aaryan
Tabla : Vaibhav Borwankar
Sarod : Deepak Subhramanian
Video : Bharat

Recorded & Mixed by : Deepak Kalawat Aaryan

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Language: Hindi

D.Kalawat Project :
The D.Kalawat Project is a concept based on folk-rock that was initiated by Deepak Kalawat Aaryan(DKA) ,A Singer/Composer/Song Writer From New Delhi,India in December,2014.
The Motive behind this Project is to Promote the Contemporary/Folk/Sufi/Regional Music of Indian culture with the collaboration of artists of different genre.

We will be glad enough if further any artist or musician wanna collaborate with us,work with us ,with their art or talent.

A Flying Jatt – Movie Review

2 Stars (2 / 5)

A super hero movie from Director Remo D’Souza under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures. I bet whoever took the decision to make this movie in Balaji Motion Picture was ready to spoil the time and money and to gift a Super Flop Super Hero to Indian Audience. This guy our super hero Tiger Shroff he is a good dancer, having a very nice physique and good looking too but trust me he is not a good actor till now. Very poor dialogue delivery and expression lead his character to a complete mess in the movie. His last movie Baaghi and Heropanti were far much better than this one.

Movie is all about a holy tree which is having the emblem of Sikh Religion “Khanda” and people living nearby worship that tree and had a belief that the tree is a sign of god which can bring miracles to the life. Kay Kay Menon is in the movie as a multi billionaire industrialist who want to make a bridge on the river nearby that tree and for that he has to get rid of the same. Amrita Singh is in the movie as mother of Tiger Shroff who stand against the industrialist and the dirty fight began in between a regular family and the bad industrialist. Somehow in a dramatic situation Tiger Shroff got some super natural powers from the same tree and in a blue suit designed by his mother he started his journey to save the world from the evil Raaka (Naathan Jhones) who became a powerful evil due to toxic pollution and waste dump by our society. In short Director Remo tried to deliver a good message to the society regarding cleanliness and pollution condition of our country but he failed miserably in terms of a movie. Average direction, average screenplay and bad quality animations made the movie really hard to digest.

Only good part of the movie is that it is delivering some good messages from Sikhism and some of the important events of history where Sikh religion proved the power of community and dedication of Sikh people towards the country. The phrase which developed as a joke that Sikh become mad at twelve ‘O clock, it is actually referred to a real life incident which depicts the power and sacrifice of the community, which is clearly explained in the movie.

Jacqueline Fernandez is there in the movie as opposite lead for our super hero in a bubbly character looking beautiful but with not much effective role in the story. I guess the producers would be able to gain some money by selling the music rights of the song Beat Pe Booty as it became viral by the kind of music and dance, along with the Beat Pe Booty dance challenge started by celebrities.

Please watch this movie only if you have nothing to do and having a good patience level.

Happy Bhag Jayegi – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

It is a family entertainer featuring a romantic comedy plot. Lead role is done by Diana Penty as Happy Kaur who is a happy go adventurous girl. As shown in trailer, happy was not so happy with her scheduled arrange marriage with Jimmy Shergill (as Daman Singh Bagga) as she was in love with a regular guy Ali Fazal (as Guddu). Just before the marriage she ran away from home and by mistake she jumped into a wrong truck which actually took her to Karachi, Pakistan. The craziness began there and Abhay Deol (as Bilal Ahmed, Politician of Pakistan) came in to picture. The movie will really take you to a comedy trip.


Excellent and outstanding performance by Jimmy Shergill. He is completely transformed into a method actor from the chocolaty guy we saw in Mohabbatien and Mere yaar ki shaadi hai. It is a must watch to see Jimmy Shergill in this movie. Diana Penty executed the role perfectly but some what I felt she was not the correct choice for this kind of role. No words to explain the excellent person Abhay Deol, a gem actor for the industry, he took the character to next level and I am sure the charming face will remain in your mind for long time after watching this movie.

Even after all the good efforts of above mentioned characters, I bet the life line of the movie was Mr. Piyush Mishra (as ACP Usman Afridi). He is completely crazy in the movie with his outstanding comedy acting and excellent dialogues in Urdu. He is the character who maintained the pace of comedy in the movie from beginning to end. He is an another reason to watch the movie.

Overall, it is a must watch, a family comedy entertainer!