Dharam Sankat Mai – Movie Review

2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)
As the name depicts, is based on “Dharam” or “Religion” which is created by humanity for unity but now a days leading to be a evil for unity. Hats off to Paresh Rawal for fantastic acting.


He is leading the movie by his own in this age is like amazing. You can see some real stuff of acting from senior actors like Annu Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah and the lead role Mr. Paresh Rawal.

Movie rolls around the Hindu-Muslim concept and giving an excellent message for society. Naseeruddin Shah is playing a role of saint(Baba) a mixture of all the prevailing Baba’s.


Somewhere in between , Director Fuwad Khan lost the movie’s hold from audience. After interval the presentation becomes little boring and stretched for some time. They failed to rebuilt the charisma of there previous film Oh My God starring Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar.

Overall it is a one time watch if you have some time to spare from your busy life.

NH-10 – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

An out of the track movie revealing the dirty evil hidden in rural northern Indian villages. Hippocratic towards love marriages and girl child leaded these states villages to a brutal condition where development and education is still a challenge.


Again Anushka Sharma proved that Women oriented and Woman leading movie can bring revolution in box office and Bollywood as any of the so called hero in our film industry. No doubt, we have to accept our industry is a male hero dominated department. I appreciate that Anushka Sharma (NH-10), Vidya Balan (Kahaani, Bobby Jasoos), Kangana Ranaut (Queen), Rekha (Super Naani) etc. are bringing a new phase to our industry and hope things will change for good.

Talking about movie, it is on an excellent platform as I already stated above with a powerful super bomb performance of Anushka Sharma. It is all about a Gurgaon based couple who goes for a road trip and witnesses honor killing of a couple. It leads to a bad turning point for them chasing the culprits behind them to kill them.


Neil Bhoopalam played the role of Anushka’s husband, who portrayed his effort in a nice way matching the talented Anushka. The couple lost there everything in that trip leading Anushka to show the power of womenhood and brought an end to the story erasing the butchers. Somewhere you can feel movie as very stretched one as the chase is very much irritating giving your heart some real good pumps.

Go and watch the movie to grab some good message and to appreciate the effort of Anushka Sharma.