Katti Batti – Movie Review

1.0 Stars (1.0 / 5)

Katti Batti is an attempt to recreate the magic of Kangana with her bold and distinguished sense of acting and performance, but I am feeling sorry for Director Nikhil Advani as it completely went wrong and turned out to be a disaster which will make you bored for complete two and half hours.


Movie started with very slow and depressive momentum, audience expected the momentum to pace up till interval however it never happened till the end. There is not even a bit of hold of the movie over audience as I observed people playing games and leaving the theater in between the movie. Story is based on relationship mess ups and complication and suddenly come up with a ninety’s kind of climax. As mentioned Kangana is in a bold kind of rich girl’s character with a lavish attitude towards life. Flirting with a next to door regular guy’s character played by Imran Khan turned into a true love and their ups and downs of chemistry.


Imran again in a chocolaty look ordinary guy with expression less acting is also a turn off for the film. Movie is full of masala, catchy dialogues and situations but what actually went wrong is the theme of flash backs and the overall presentation and lack of thrill required for this kind of subject.

Well, as per my review it is not even worth watching once

Hero – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

The most needed debut for Sooraj Pancholi’s son of Aditya Pancholi, directed by Nikhil Advani, produced by Salman Khan & Subash Ghai is released today and seems the magic of the hero is not spreading much as expected. Although movie is good and better entertainer with all the Bollywood masala for mass, the theaters are not filling up fast. Probably we have to wait till this weekend to see about the responses of public.


Talking about the movie, it starts with overdose of heroism with larger than life action sequences. Later on, it comes down to the grounds of reality making the actions little logical. Sooraj is looking great flaunting his lean muscular body with an amateur and young kid kinda look.



The girl with a broad jaw line Miss Athiya Shetty, daughter of Sunil Shetty is casted against Sooraj as the lead lady. Considering this is athiyaher debut, she did better job in her pilot project. In the terms of acting skills both look like amateur but better than many in the industry.

You can see fantastic actors like Tigmanshu Dulia and Aditya Pancholi onscreen creating some good cinema. Aditya Pancholi is back on the screen after the movie Bodyguard supporting his son’s debut film.
Screen play and locations of the movie is pretty awesome showing places from snow covered Kashmir along with beautiful monasteries. Combining these locations with music of Amaal Mallik, Meet Bros Anjjan and Sachin-Jigar created a fantastic combination. Second half of the movie is having a little more hold on the audience emotionally as compared to first part, which is little lagging and slow.

The song “Oh Khuda” is picturized at a stage format and it is choreographed beautifully. Movie end up with the most loved song of the year sung by Salman Khan “Main Hoon Hero”.

Beside above mentioned points movie is a one-time watch with a light romantic love story which will not leave any impact on audience to remember ever.

Welcome Back – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

One of the most awaited sequel of a blockbuster evergreen comedy Welcome Back released today, carrying forward all the excitement from the last one. Movie started with the same kind of momentum and hold from the scene one itself. Nana Patekar rocked again with his brilliant and excellent performance, he is the man with versatility… he can make you laugh and cry in a single minute.


Anil Kapoor is a tough competition for all the upcoming actors of our Industry. He is still young and dynamic and rocked the movie with his Majnu Style. First part of the movie is filled with excitement, comedy and twist of emotions and a cherry on the top with glimpse from the last movie Welcome. Movie is full of humorous one liners which actually would create their presence in our brain forever.


Akshay Kumar is replaced with John Abraham is little lose for the movie as the comic role does not much suit over John. It is somewhat compromised as John is playing a character of a rowdy of Mumbai.



Lacking points of the movie starts with leading lady Shruti Haasan as she appears completely lost with emotionless and expression less acting. shruti As talking about the crons the second part is little boring and some illogical comedy with seriously bad animations. Watching the first part will raise your expectation too high that the after interval part will really let you down. Movie climax is same us always creating chaos and confusions along with fight and drama. Movie is in the same platform as the old one with some characters replaced like Naseeruddin Shahin the place of Feroz Khan. You can see Shiney Ahuja back on screen with a not very strong character in the movie.


Other than the bad animations and little lagging part, movie is a complete entertainer especially for those who loves the part one movie Welcome. As the characters Majnu and Uday is themselves worth of your hard earned ticket money.


Phantom – Movie Review

2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)

Director Kabir Khan failed to create the magic this time as he did before with Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Ek tha Tiger. Movie is not as expected and is not as strong as per the plot of the story and subject.

kabir khan

Rolling up from the drastic tragedy faced by our country ever, 26/11 the Mumbai attack it is all based on the RAW surgical kind of operation in various parts of the world to eliminate and encounter terrorist secretly. As an actor Saif Ali Khan did his best as he do always, the lacking point is the presentation and dialogues. Movie is not able to create the intensity of patriotism as it can.


Katrina Kaif remains the same with less expression and poor acting. Talking about the positive parts movie is having a wonderful picturization of war front of Syria.

Over all it is a one-time watch if you have spare time…