Ki & Ka – Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)         #KiandKa

A different story and concept from Director R Balki. To describe in one line, I can say it is a light and soothing love story with a different attitude of our regular life assumptions. On the go, movie is quite entertaining in the manner of cast, romance and regular Bollywood masala. Kareena Kapoor Khan looking beautiful and completely justifying her role in the movie. Somewhat it is not a hero or heroine oriented movie, I guess, both are leading the movie in different aspects as portrayed by the story itself.


Arjun Kapoor the charming guy, he is day by day turning into new heights by delivering characters like in 2 States and now this one. I guess he is the perfect person for this role and nobody can replace him in this movie. Talking more about the movie, it is all about the reciprocal of duties towards life between a male and female we follow as a standard in the society. It is giving a message against the stereotypes of the society, it should be an individual’s passion and choice to do or chose the way you want to live your life. I felt the lacking point is the emotional quotient. No doubt movie is delivering a great message to society about the choice of freedom in life. Equality of men and women, Women empowerment. The ego and insecurity which without any reason spoil your relationship and life.

As an audience I never attached emotionally with the movie due to low quotient of the charismatic intrusion to the brain of us. Somewhat this may be the best part for few people as it is totally light on your mind. Nothing will remain back on you while walking out of the theater other than a smile which speaks up you enjoyed the movie with the fantastic cast and screenplay.


You can see Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in the movie in a special appearance which is really adding some good points to the whole presentation. Swaroop Sampat is back on screen as mother of Kareena after long, an actress in various movies like Naram Garam, Miss India contest in 1979 and represented India at Miss Universe 1979 and wife of great actor Paresh Rawal.

Well, it is a must watch to experience something light and different in the screen with some good message to the society.