Madaari – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

It is all about fighting against the corrupt system in an unethical way. The very talented Director Nishant Kamat and the legendary actor Irrfan Khan, when they meet up you can just imagine the intensity of the movie. As shown in the trailer it is all about a man who lost everything in a disaster, a flyover collapsed in Mumbai city, where his only son is crushed to death. He was his sole only family in this world.


This mishap made him to do something drastic which actually shakes the government of the country terrifically. Jimmy Shergill is in the movie as a Police Officer who is chasing Irrfan Khan throughout the movie. The film travels through a thrilling pace but in between it loses the speed and started lagging, which actually brought some boredom in the cinema. Somehow it picked the grasp again in the climax with a good node of ending.


Talking about actors, Tushar Dalvi is there as Home Minister of India, did complete justice to his role. Nitish Pandey playing the role of a famous journalist, who is now days loud on screen, hope you got about whom I am talking about.

Movie is intense, thrilling and a good watch

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