Sarbjit – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

A movie which you should not miss at any cost. Brilliant piece of cinema from Director Omung Kumar based on the real story of a person who by mistake crossed the Pakistan border and got arrested with an allegation of being Indian Spy and later mistaken as Ranjith Singh who was accused for a serial bomb blast in Pakistan. Movie begins with the happy go days of Sarbjit in a small village at Punjab nearby India-Pakistan border. After being caught by Pakistan army, the beyond third degree torture that he undergo, and the way he is been treated in the Pakistani Jail is terrific and hard to even think about it. He is later sentenced for capital punishment by the supreme court of Pakistan. Randeep Hooda played the role of Sarbjit and I have no words to explain his performance. His dedication and the outstanding performance outraged his all past roles and I guess this one may be the best one till now. Talking about dedication, he revealed looks of skinny and weak Sarbjit in jail, for which he has been in starvation mode monitored by his sister Dr. Anjali Hooda. He lost 18 Kgs in the span of 28 days and it was like a torture for him. He was only allowed to 500-600 calories a day with no starch and only protein.


Another side, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rocked the screen with her equally powerful character or I can say little overshadowed Randeep Hooda by her brilliant performance. She played the role of Sarbjit’s sister who devoted her whole life to go after Sarbjit, fight against system and Pakistan government to prove the innocence of her brother and to bring him back to India.


The sixty percent of movie is filled with her presence portraying the whole life journey of a young lady to a white haired old woman devoting whole of her life for an impossible mission and fight against the world. Richa Chadda is there in the movie as wife of Sarabjit. Very effortlessly she portrayed the emotional journey of a women losing her husband for no reason in her early romantic days of marriage and left with two children, who not even get to see their father’s face in consciousness.

richa chadda

While watching the movie you will realize how lucky you are as you are sitting in some lavish seats of a multiplex and watching the movie freely. Just think about the man who got trapped in a wooden box for months without food and light. Pakistan army left him with mice in the same box, he was being bitten and infected by them. Third degree torture and everything without even the person know why he is there and what is his offence. So next time when you feel that you are not satisfied with the life given my almighty you should think there are hell lot of people still trapped in Pakistan Jails without any reason. It is not a one sided thing; more than 275 Pakistan people are also there in Indian jail as per the stats of 2015.

Movie is a must watch to realize the value of your life, and to experience the outstanding performance of Randeep and Aishwarya.


Azhar – Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)

The movie is based on the real life story of former Indian Cricket Captain Azharuddin’s life but molded and scripted to make it more of an entertainer and movie oriented script. He is the most controversial sports man in the history of India yet along with various highest records in his game. And he is the one who was embroiled in the first ever match fixing scandal the country witnessed. Director Tony D’Souza did a fantastic job to present the story mixing the flashbacks and screening current times without confusing the audience.


Imran Hashmi, I guess he fitted himself very well into the jersey of Azhar and again proved his acting skills perfectly. We can’t comment over the all-time serious debate about whether Azharuddin was guilty or not as our honorable court closed the case stating unsustainable evidence and lifted the lifetime ban for playing cricket from Azharuddin. Well, the story portrayed in the movie is little cinematic and hard to digest in one go. I believe it is really moulded to make it more sensible and much presentable. Anyway I am nobody to comment over this issue.


Prachi Desai is playing the role of Azharuddin’s first wife Naureen and Nargis Fakhri is playing the role of Sangeeta Bijlani his second wife. One of the most talked controversial relationship in cricket world and Bollywood. Lara Dutta is playing the role of opposition lawyer and a brilliant acting from the defense lawyer role played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor. Well the movie itself created a controversy and lots of people are not happy with it. Naming it few like, Ravi Shastri role played by Gautam Gulati, shown as he was cheating his wife. Manoj Prabhakar shown as a person Manoj without surname as the sole responsible person for team India’s loss in one match. Sangeeta Bijlani is also not much happy about the way she is portrayed in the movie.


Well, it is a onetime watch and to know about the reality of Azhar’s life if whatever shown is truth.

Traffic – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

A movie based on the real incident happened at Chennai to bring human heart organ from one location to another location by road in a stipulated time in the middle of peak traffic for a heart transplant surgery. In the movie it is portrayed as Mumbai to Pune, starring Manoj Bajpayee as lead along with Jimmy Shergill and many more. The saddest thing about this movie is Director Rajesh Pillai who brilliantly executed the movie and Jishnu in a supporting role, both are no more in this world to see the movie released. Rajesh Pillai was suffering from liver cirrhosis and Jishnu Raghwan passed away due to throat and lung cancer.


Movie is a must watch for seeing the brilliant actor Manoj Bajpyee doing the best in the role of traffic constable who did a fantastic job of driving the SUV to transport the human organ to the hospital despite of various hurdles he reached before time and accomplished an impossible mission. Movie is an emotional thriller where somebody is in a trauma because of losing their son and on other side, another parents are praying for life of their daughter. The phase of mental pressure and emotions is beautifully shown in the movie where a father ordered to stop the ventilator of his son for rescuing a girl child by donating his heart to that girl. Even if any parent knows that it is impossible to save their child from any trauma still it is hard to take a decision like this.


On the other side movie is portraying the dedication and hard work of police to accomplish a mission for humanity. Jimmy Shergil as Traffic Police Commissioner did justice to his role. Divya Dutta as girl’s mother and the brilliant actor Sachin Khedekar nailed their role with excellence. Movie is little lagging and slow till interval but the second half will make over those with some nice twists of story.

A must watch movie to experience some thrill.

Baaghi – Movie Review

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

The movie is like you are watching somebody playing a video game the player is fighting with villains to save the princess and to reach princess you need to cross various stages and to go through rigorous training too. Tiger Shroff, this time with a little beard to give some rigid look or to hide his chocolaty look failed completely to deliver the intensity and skills required for this kind of role. Mere presenting a skinny body with some flexible actions doesn’t mean you did a fantastic performance. No doubt he has shown some outstanding fight actions and gymnastic skills throughout the movie. The dialogue delivery was so poor that it will really make you laugh saying what the f**k man…


The bubbly Shraddha Kapoor this time made it over and felt irritating by the over performed dialogues and expressions. Meanwhile Sudheer Babu Posani, the villain made it exactly right with his brilliant performance and the muscular look. He overshadowed Tiger Shroff with his acting and looks. You can also find Sunil Grover in the movie with not so much funny role.


The best part of the movie is the Chief Commandos Mentor, Chief Commando Trainer, Founder, Brand Ambassdor, Headmaster-Inventor- Revolutionary Orator- Kallaripayattu Guru, Gurakkal, Great GrandMaster and Inventor ,CCQB Expert, WORLD’S BEST COMMANDO & WORLD’S BEST COMMANDO TRAINER since 2008 till date, Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj is playing the role of Kalaripayatu Acharayan in the movie. For all your information, the stunts shown in the movie by Acharyan are done by himself, without any harness or animations.


Other reason to watch movie is some glimpse of God’s own country Kerala and to gain knowledge about the ancient fight art Kalaripaytuu of our country.

You can see the movie only for Grand Master Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj.

FAN – Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)

A very hard worked script and brilliant, outstanding acting from Shahrukh Khan as Aryan Khanna and Gaurav Chandna. The movie is all about a next door guy who resembles like superstar Aryan Khanna and his obsession towards the star took him to other heights. Aryan Khanna the superstar is inspired from the real life story of Shahrukh Khan and played by Shahrukh as situations matched with his current life.


Brad Pitt’s makeup man Greg Cannom, the multi Oscar nominated makeup man did the fantastic transformation of Shahrukh to Gaurav Chandna. Along with that a little VFX effects on nose to look thin and different from Shahrukh. Movie is all about the obsession towards the star, to so extreme that the fan starts living in a fantasy world of superstar and when he win a trophy in his local society dance program oriented by his star’s performances he decided to visit Mumbai on Aryan Khanna’s birthday to present him the same trophy.

Due to heavy crowd and security he was not able to meet him and disappointed Gaurav took a next level step to meet Aryan, which made the star unhappy and evil came out in the movie after this point. I personally believe there was too much negativity in the movie till the end and that was the lacking point which made the movie little low even after brilliant performances by all the cast. The happy go Gaurav disappeared very fast before the interval and the evil side irritated somewhat throughout the show.

Well it is a onetime watch to see brilliant acting from Shahrukh Khan.