Raman Raghav 2.0 – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Anurag Kashyap is back again with his kind of movie accompanying one of the great actor of our times Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui. As shown in trailer Movie revolves around a serial killer who is completely physco. He claims that god gives him instruction to kill somebody and without any ado he accomplishes that. He stalks a Drug addict detective officer Vicky Kaushal investigating the serial killing case. The movie is somewhat inspired by the serial killer Raman Raghav who was at Mumbai during 1960’s. Using a steel rod, he uses to break the skull of the victim. He committed 41 murders and later sentenced to death by Bombay High Court. The judgment later changed to life time imprisonment after his defense pleaded that he was mentally ill.

In the movie Nawazuddin was searching for Raghav, a partner, as he claims himself as Raman and the movie goes on. Movie is completely Sobhita-Dhulipalathriller and full of brutal acts. Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brilliant acting skills can’t be explained in words. Every next role he plays is like he actually craft himself into the character. Vicky Kaushal did justice to his role and completely evolved into the role of a drug addict cop. The beautiful Sobhita Dhuliwala is there as a random girl living with Vicky Kaushal who is later brutally killed by the so called killer in the movie.

Lacking part of the movie that, it is actually missing the real thrill of the subject and without a core of the story needed for this platform. Movie is too much predictable and little lagging in between, which actually dropped the grasp over the audience.

Watch it for Nawazuddin Siddiqui…

Dhanak – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

A movie you gonna love from the core of your heart, a journey you gonna travel in that two hours of time sitting at cinema. I bet, you will be in love with Krrish Chhabria, the chotu and Hetal Gada, the pari after watching this movie. These kids completely nailed the characters into such heights, where they are at par with our famous veteran actors. I saw tears, laughter and happiness on every single face sitting in my cinema hall. A heartiest congratulation to Director Nagesh Kukunoor for such a wonderful movie. Dhanak released and hit theaters on the same day with Udtha Punjab, it is a serious disadvantage for this movie as no big star cast is there in this film. But trust me, my Udtha Punjab fever evaded and I am totally Dhanak after watching this wonderful, colorful as rainbow (Dhanak) movie.


Movie is rich with awesome music composed by Tapas Relia, and some songs are fusion of Rajastani Music with Western Touch. Specially “Dum-a-Dum” song is truely a repeat mode song for your ipod. Talking about movie, as you saw in trailer, it is a journey of two siblings chotu and pari, where chotu is fan of Salman Khan and Pari is fan of Shahrukh Khan. Chotu is blind and pari believes that Shahrukh Khan will help her to get his brother’s surgery done. In that belief they both leave there home and walk across cities to meet the actor who was shooting somewhere around Jaisalmer. The whole movie goes around this journey and happenings in between this travel.


You can see, Rajiv the famous one from the MTV Roadies twins, as Rajasthani person in the movie. Bunch of highly talented actors like Suresh Menon, Vijay Maurya, Vipin Sharma and many more is there in the movie making it a real gift for your eyes.

If you miss this movie, you can’t full fill the loss with any other one…


Udta Punjab – Movie Review

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

One of the most controversial movie is released today with rock solid performances and an excellent plot which is making some people furious in the country. As seen on trailer, movie is all about the insurgence of substance in the youth of Punjab State. Story is portraying the current status of Punjab youth via a Rockstar, a labour girl, a doctor and a police man. Shahid Kapoor is playing the role of a Rockstar who is completely addicted to drugs and somehow he promoted the same through his songs and performances throughout the state and other places. Youth following him are inspired by him and thus, misguide themselves to walk on the path of drugs.


Alia Bhatt is in the role of a labourer girl from Bihar and somehow get caught into the drug racket due to the greed of making instant money and success. Kareena Kapoor a doctor from Punjab is protesting against the drugs in the state. She made a plan, with the help of a police person Dilijit Dosanjh, to bust the whole racket, and the movie goes on with awesome thrill and good story narration. Mix and match of three different situations together is not easy for a film maker, but it is beautifully done in the movie by director Abhishek Chaubey.


Casting is so beautifully done in the movie that, it is like real characters of real life. Hats off to Alia Bhatt for her wonderful performance, I believe she overshadowed every other person in the movie. After Alia, Shahid did an outstanding performance, he is maintaining his legacy to being into mature movies like Kaminey and now this one. On the other side, Dilijit is there with such nice and charming personality that he completely nailed the role of a Punjab Police person. A briliiant natural acting from a new comer Prabhjyot Singh as Balli in the movie is commendable, you must watch the movie to see him as brother of Dilijit there. Kareena adding a little romantic flavor to the movie with Dilijit is making the movie a complete Bollywood package with extra ordinary acting, direction and screenplay.

Watch it for some real acting performance with a thrilling story plot.


TE3N – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

A mystery drama film by Ribhu Dasgupta featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan in lead role. As seen on the trailer, it is about an 8 years old kidnap & Murder case of a child, for which the investigation is still going on. Amitabh Bachchan is the Grand Father of that child, Vidya Balan a cop investigating the same case and Nawazuddin is the old investigation officer who operated the mission 8 years ago and now he left police department and turned as a priest in church.


No words to explain the very awesome performance of Amitabh Bachchan again, he is like gifting golden movies like Piku, Wazir and now this one. He gonna completely win your heart with the performance of an old vengeful man himself investigating the crime with a will power to be after that for long 8 years. The whole movie is a journey of 8 years behind that criminal. Nawzauddin Siddiqui, no Vidya-Balan-Te3ndoubt he is awesome as usual, he delivered the character in such a manner that it is like he is not acting at all, he actually live the character. Vidya Balan is little overshadowed by both the above legends but then also she outraged the performance by her bold character.

Clinton Cerejo directed some very awesome tracks like “Haq Hai” and “Kyun Re” which made the tempo of movie so high with some strong emotional spirit.

Watch the movie for some real piece of acting and thrilling story.


Housefull 3 – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Directors Sajid Samji and Farhad Samji made it great as compared to the last sequels of Housefull. Movie is very light and quite good comedy if you really want to get relaxed from your daily hectic routine. As it was shown in trailer, Movie is all about three men convincing a father that they are fit for marrying his daughters. Akshay kumar, as always maintaining the legacy of comedy, he started from Hera Pheri and in this movie he has split personality disorder of one naughty side and another good side. Ritesh Deshmukh has again done full justice to his role of acting as blind in front of father of girls.


Abhishek Bachchan is back with a bang and this time you can see a matured comedy from the actor with really funny scenes like saving Aishwarya’s wax statue from falling down and tolerating tortures to proof himself dumb in front of the father of girls. Booman Irani is there as father of three girls Jacqulin Fernadez, Nargis Fakhri and Lisa Haydon. As always he outraged the character of a high class Gujarati, who lives in London.


All three pretty girls are looking beautiful and awesome throughout the movie. You can see Jacky Shroff with a twist in the movie in a dashing role of Don threatening our chocolaty heroes. Chunky Pandey is back again in this movie with his famous dialogue “I am a Joookkiiinngg”.

Overall, it is a lightweight movie with excellent comedy.

Veerappan – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

This time Ram Gopal Varma nailed it with good cinema, awesome narration, direction and excellent performance from Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan. This movie is biographical story of Indian bandit Veerappan who was spreading terror with his notorious crimes, sandal wood and elephant teeth smuggling, for nearly 30 years in the forests of the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Various operations held by police failed to catch Veerappan. He killed more than 184 people in his span, out of them 87 was police officials and forest officers. Almost killed more than 900 elephants for teeth smuggling.


He kidnapped Kannada actor Raj Kumar for his desire of fame and money. This movie almost projected his life events and perfectly portrayed the terror and sharpness of Veerappan. While watching the movie I felt that it is made for glorifying a criminal or to project such a personality in front of public, in such a vast state that for 30 years our forces couldn’t catch him. This can also make negative impact on the people of our country. Some youth may get inspired by him. However, Ram Gopal Verma made this with good intention, as per his statement, “Making Veerappan is not glorifying a criminal, but it is to put a mirror to how he was allowed to happen in the first place”.


Sachin Joshi is playing the role of police officer who made the master plan to bring Veerappan out of the jungle and to encounter him. I must say it was exciting watching him in this character, brilliant and outstanding performance. Usha Jadhav playing the role of Muthulakshmi, wife of Veerappan is remarkable in the movie. You can see Lisa Ray back to the silver screen with excellent piece of acting. She is playing the role of a widow whose husband was a police officer and got killed by Veerappan. She coordinated with police to make the master plan for trapping Veerappan. veerappan-lisarayShiva Rajkumar a suspended cop was the important person in the movie to get Veerappan trapped. Besides having a short role in the movie he nailed the character and I bet he will be in the mind of audience for long time due to his unique style of acting. Other than this you can expect some loud background score in the movie as like the signature style of Mr. Ram Gopal Varma.

Well, it is a must watch to know about the biggest villain till today in the world.