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Dum Laga Ke Haisha – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

A movie with a difference… prompting a true tag line “Love comes in all Sizes”. The excellent effort from Writer – Director Sharat Katariya takes you to the beautiful and ever romantic era of bollywood “90’s”. Movie is a kind of tribute to the all time bollywood king of romantic songs Mr. Kumar Sanu. Tu-Song-from-Dum-Laga-Ke-Haisha

You will travel through the nostalgia of tape recorders, tape cassettes and the way we Indians use to record from one cassette to another in a so called recording studio of market in every next colony.

Aayushmann Khurana did an excellent job accompanying the talented chubby actress Bhumi Pednekar. Movie depicts a message that looks doesn’t matter in love, if some thing matters that is love and understanding. Locations in the movie are  from Uttar Pradesh and Uttara Khand featuring Haridwar, Dehradun etc. 11-Dum-Laga-Ke-Haisha Songs are directed by Anu malik and sung by Kumar Sanu will again take you back to 90’s and you gonna love it for sure. Title song Moh Moh ke Daage is a kind of melody you gonna melt with tunes.

“Overall go and watch some thing different from the league with excellent acting”


Badlapur – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

Completely different Avatar for our dashing hero “Varun Dhawan”. Hats off to him for accepting this kind of role in an early phase of his carrier pace and I guess he completely did justice to the responsibility he had taken.

varun dhawan

From a chocolate boy to a mid-aged man. A great transformation with matured acting. Story is all about Revenge as the name depicts. Chasing the culprits responsible for the death of his beautiful wife (featuring Yami                                                                                                                        Gautam) and son.

A happy family comes to an end leaving only the man out of the nuclear home. Revenge begins from there and the man completely runs out of the way of his life and the ultimate aim targeted towards the assassination of the culprits. Which lead him to became mentally depressed and physically strong for the revenge. The journey of the revenge take you throughout the movie to discover the justice for him.

But Sorry Varun, somebody stealed the show from you and that is none other than the great Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He completely rocked the screen and he will be the only person you gonna remember whenever you hear the name “Badlapur”. nawaz It seems he doesn’t need to act, it is coming effortlessly from his heart.  He is such a versatile actor who can mix up in any role in a way that you can’t even imagine an alternative for him. Not an Happy Ending like  usual typical bollywood drama.

“Go and watch it if you are strong hearted and will not get depressed by kind of sad movies”

Ab Tak Chhappan 2 – Movie Review

2.5 Stars (2.5 / 5)

The one word which gonna describe the movie is “Nana Patekar”. Its all about his acting and performance. Story line is not as good as  expected. It disappointed the audience seeking the quality delivered by the part 1 Ab tak chappan.

Nana patekar

Movie continues from the point where Part 1 ended with grown up son of encounter specialist Saadhu. It is a fight against our system which is sick, suffering with the epidemic “Corruption”. Shows how the honest and loyal officers are mere puppet of system. Nana patekar dialogue delivery and  screen appearance will make your money worth for this movie.

Ashutosh Rana not been used well ashuthosh ranaas per his ability but then also he is a junior cop to Saadhu but with a negative touch. Gul panag as a Crime Reporter nailed the character and it is surely a come back for her to the movies.

“Over all it is a one time watch if you like Mr. Nana Patekar”