Dear Zindagi – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A movie which is different from the league and truly shows a different prospective of life. Director Gauri Shinde nailed the concept and presented it in a very beautiful manner. The low part of the movie is first half which is little lagging and seems likes audience doesn’t have a clue that about what is actually going on in the movie and what is the story. It is after the interval that things lined up and the actual message they want to deliver started reflecting . It is not a movie for mass as surely it is not on the Bollywood masala category. Casting of Shahrukh is obviously grabbing more people to the theater but not everybody is happy with the movie. But it is a master piece which you should actually understand by going into the depth of the story.

Movie is all about loving your life and how to tackle the problems in your life with a positive node. It shows life of a person who is actually living with a scare inside or an insecurity which was driving the life of that person in a negative way. Eventually the movie will teach you how to overcome your fears and insecurity. On the other side, it is also showing the life of a child who was estranged by parents, to live with grandparents, and whose parents were not kind enough towards her childhood. If the love and care a kid needed was not provided at the right time and right age will really change the way of life ahead.

A fantastic performance by Alia Bhatt and she is delivering her best day by day. Shahrukh Khan is playing the role of a Brain Doctor who actually thinks in a different way for helping people to come out of the various mental issues. I don’t have to mention about the legendary actor, it is always awesome watching him with some real acting. You can find a bunch of actors like Ali Hassan, Kunal Kapoor in the movie as some meaningful character delivering good acting.

It is a must watch to learn something which probably help you in your life.

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