Rang Rasiya – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

Rang Rasiya, The journey of an artist is actually a mock on society. Raja Ravi Varma, a famous Indian painter, very well played by Randeep Hooda, fights for his sustenance in society. His imagination doesn’t know any bound, however the so – called workers of society wants to chain his thoughts. He paints the mirror of our true rich tradition, which later is scorn by social workers.

Nandana Sen looks stunningly beautiful in her role of inspirational muse for the painter.The pace of the story is little slow and the environment feels gloomy. However the essence of tradition attracts the audience. Brilliant acting by Randeep Hooda and great cinematography.


The movie carries a social message and aspire to bring in a change in mindset of people. It want people to let others do whatever they want to. We are no one to stop the thinking or lifestyle of any person. There is a very small chunk of people who would like the movie. I believe we need to have that literary sense to like it.

Though I liked it , it’s a kind of an old folk tale which might have a lot of literary connotations.

Baby – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Some times Akshay Kumar realise the type of role he should better do . An excellent movie from Director/Writer Neeraj Pandey at par with his previous brilliant work “Special 26”.

Baby-1This is a movie based on Indian Intelligence tracking terrorist internationally and busting them by surgical operations. Akshay Kumar as usual did a fantastic job in the kind of role that suits him with that elegant attitude of an officer. Adding Anupam Kher in the cast recreate the plethora of movie Special 26.

Movie will hold you from the beginning to end increasing your heartbeats with such a thrill that you will find even the interval more longer. Casting of the movie is so brilliant that you can’t even imagine they are actors and not really exist. The person who played the role of Mohammad (master mind of terrorists) is “Mr. Rasheed Naz”, brilliant acting with such a terrific personality who can make you fear without any violence.


Applause for Taapsee Pannu for a fantastic short role as an ATS officer. Quite good action sequence made her role beautiful in the movie. Can’t forget the role of an Intense ATS cheif, Mr. Danny Denzongpa and the Muscle Man (The Hulk) Mr. Rana Daggubati. While watching the movie sometimes you will feel like how safe we are in our country India and some what you can get relaxed that yes there exists the real heroes in our country because of whom you can sleep peacefully at your home.

“Overall it is a must watch for all Indians”

Tevar – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A movie by father for his dearest son… Exactly a tailor made, complete pack of Bollywood masala to satiate the taste buds of Indian audience, targeting multiplexes to single screens. Boney Kapoor has really worked hard for his son and presented a brilliant movie with direction and beautiful screenplay of Mr. Amit Ravindernath Sharma. You can see the beauty of Agra and Mathura in all the senses with colourful locations and typical uniqueness of the region.


Talking about story there is nothing new, its same old story of bollywood in a little bit new package and faces. But would like to emphasise, the movie is not bad at all. Brilliant performance by Mr. Manoj Bajpai… Outstanding expressions and awesome dialogues.

Regarding Arjun Kapoor, he did well other than if you can accept larger than life action sequences exactly like what he is claiming in the movie that he is a “Superman”. An angry young man’s role who is fighting for a girl and at last fallen in love with the girl for ultimate climax fight.

Some songs are really touching in the second half, but some are really annoying in the first half. You can see Sonakshi Sinha in a sensible role out of her past few track record. She has lost quite some pounds of body fat and thus, looking ripped and beautiful in the role of a very next door girl.



Overall it is a paisa vasool one time watch if you are fond of bollywood masala movies with larger than life action stunts…