Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5) – #pyaarkapunchnama2
A sequel from the same Director of Pyaar ka Punchnama 2011, Mr. Luv Ranjan is in the same track of the old one. Concept and story line is almost the same and trying to recreate the fun and magic created by the predecessor. In the initial stage, movie is slow and little lagging, which is very much expected and usual for this movie. pyaar-ka-punchnama-2-stills09Three single friends discovering there love in different ways and then the relationship starts with the masala and fun happenings of every next relationship. The new faces which were not in the last movie are Sunny Singh, Sonali Sehgal, Ishita Raj, Omkar Kapoor and Manvir Singh.pyaar-ka-punchnama-2_144412229320
I will say movie is good but not much as the first one may be because that one has set an expectation and standard in the minds of us the audience. Movie revolves around the quarrels, mis-understandings and various relationship funda’s of new generation youngsters. Casting is so beautifully done that everybody is look almost real and seriously the next door guys.
Nushrat Bharucha is in such an irritating character that even I felt sometimes in between the movie to breakup with her even though she is not my girlfriend (lol…). But it was the need of story and she did that perfectly.
Kartik Aaryan the face of Pyaar ka Punchnama is back with the same kind of long frustrated speech of a guy in relationship and this time it is not simple but added onkartik-aaryan
little planned and high-fi elements, not may be familiar to all guys. I felt this dialogue section little lagged but yes throughout it was enjoyable and will be viral again on social media.
Movie will end up in the same mode as like the old and finally I can say it is the same product again with new features and added on masala. It is fun watching it…

Jazbaa – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

“A powerful comeback for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan” is the sentence that depicts the strength of the movie Jazbaa. Ash is back, looking pretty as always, and we can see her hard-work put in to be back in shape after being a mother. You can see an excellent performance of Ash in this movie along with some serious intense emotional moments.


But have to say Irrfan Khan again stole the attention from his co-star as always by his seamless, effortless skills especially the dialogue delivery. Movie is full of catchy dialogues by Irrfan Khan. He is playing role of a Police officer who has been suspended for being corrupt.


He is also a good friend of top criminal lawyer of the country played by Aishwarya Rai as Anuradha Verma. Movie is in a platform of kidnapping Anuradha ’s daughter, compelling her to appeal for a case of brutal murderer and rapist of a girl. The abductor’s demand is to appeal for the culprit and the only way to free her kid is to save the culprit from the hands of law. You can also see Shabana Azmi in a mysterious surprise role and Atul Kulkarni as the public prosecutor fighting the case against Anuradha Verma.


Then the movie rolls over an exciting path of investigation and chase which really make a good hold over the audience throughout the two hour ten minutes duration.

Movie is dedicated to raise voice against the mishaps happening towards girls in our country. It portrays the power of women in a parallel way of Love and Hatred. A mother can go to any extend to save her child, and in the same way she can fight against the world to bring justice for her child. Director Sanjay Gupta beautifully pictured the whole movie in a different theme as always like his previous projects. His theme will be always dark and neon colored to give a different look to the ambiance.

Movie is a very good watch and don’t forget to see the last dialogue of Irrfan Khan…

Talvar – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A dramatic re-creation, based on a true incident of Aarushi Talvar murder case also named as Noida Double Murder Case. It happened on March 2008 and is still a debate about who the murderer is. Though the parents have been accused as murders by court and are sentenced for life imprisonment. The first investigation report of CBI states the murderer to be a guy who is the compounder of Mr. Talvar and also friend of Talvar Family’s servant, who was also killed that night. However, the second investigation report states the parents are the culprit and as per movie the second report has been modified and drafted intentionally to prove the parents as guilty.

Talking about movie, Director Meghna Gulzar did a fantastic job and very beautifully carried the intensity of the story throughout the movie. Initial stage of the film is projecting the ridiculous way of operation of Police to investigate any case in our country. There cold behaviour and incompetency is portrayed in the character of a lazy and useless police inspector, who was the investigation in-charge of this case in the beginning. Due to his lack of responsibility and foolishness the case became complicated and a mystery in the history of our judiciary system. Movie seems lagging and little slow in the beginning but gained pace gradually after forty percent of its completion. We can see some real good interesting processes CBI follow in their investigations.


The characters of movie almost resemble the original people related to the real incident. It is one of the outstanding and awesome performance of Irfan Khan leading the movie as a CDI officer (CBI replica in the movie). Each and every character like Konkona Sen as Mother and Neeraj Kabi as Father executed the role so beautifully that the audience will really travel through the hard time actually faced by that family. How a happy going family reached to a tragic end overnight is really a shocking and intolerable event in the race of human society. The whole story passed through different kind of variations plotting various investigation reports claimed by officials throughout the case.


If we believe or we follow what movie wants to convey and if it is truth, this is a shameful mark on our law and order. Other than the justice over the case the whole movie depicts lot of evils and disgraceful things about our society like one of my friend Rashmi Aich  expressed her views in Facebook:

“Read Avirook’s Sen Aarushi and watched Talvar over the weekend and it left me really shaken about the kind of world we live in. I was not raised in a metropolitan city but still our society in a much smaller town was far modern in our outlook. Why is it so wrong to be an educated and open minded person in this side of India? Why having a drink at the end of the day in the confines of your home a taboo? Why adolescents can’t have sleepovers without doing anything fishy? Why being attracted to people from other gender of our age during teenage is a bad mark on someone’s character? How it is ok to penalize a woman just because she is strong headed? Why should we generalize someone’s way of mourning? A family was destroyed just because they didn’t look the so called decent “backward” people, who would curb their child’s freedom just because she is a girl.”

As she expressed the movie is talking about the narrow minded so called proud middle class of our country, the kind of a category of un-educated youth those can’t differentiate between love and lust. Irony is that the reason behind this mind-set is due to their upbringing in such a kind of society who believe that our culture is the best one in the world and don’t want to think over the fact that what is good for them and what is bad, it is all about a knee-jerk kind of society in our country.

Movie ends up with an interesting debate between the two teams lined up by Investigation Bureau which clearly give a message to the society that how corrupted and how easy it is to manipulate our law those who are in power.

Movie is a must watch for everyone, to realize the truth that, how much unpredictable our life in this society is.

Singh is Bling – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A Punjab theme based Movie from a South Indian Director, that is the Demography we have in our country. Movie is directed by Prabhu Deva and it is a colourful humorous piece of entertainment featuring Akshay Kumar as Raftar Singh a kind of Sardar Character as we read in Comics.


Film started with an awesome fling of Pind (Village) of Punjab along with a beautiful track Tung Tung Baje. First half is filled with nice humorous situations created by funny Raftar Singh along with the stunning 2actions of Beautiful Actress Amy Jackson. Amy even without speaking a single word of hindi did full justice to her role and different from these kind of movies where heroines are just for songs, you can see a good role by female lead here.

Movie is little lagging in its soul and become boring after the interval but gained pace reaching towards end with some catchy dialogues of Akshay Kumar raising emotions of audience by showing the grace and power of a Sikh. 3Lara dutta is also in the movie in a supporting role and looks like she has transformed a lot as a mid age lady. K K Menon is in the negative role with a clumsy bad guy look is not much impressive.

Overall it is a one time watch, nice light family comedy movie.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

When I reached the Movie Theater, the noon show was totally filled up with family audience. Which represents a serious fan following of the famous Host of Comedy Nights with Kapil – Mr. Kapil Sharma. He is blessed with a good date of release for his debut project as today is festival day of Bakrid (Eid al-Adha). This is also a reason of such overwhelming response in theater.


Talking about movie, Director Abbas Mustan nailed it out from the very talented person Kapil Sharma and believe me this film is outstanding in the genre of comedy. You will really cherish the good times of all-time favorite Govinda movies. Now a day’s comedy in Bollywood is created either with nonsense logics or with vulgarity. This movie is a complete family entertainer even though the story is based on extra martial affairs or more than one marriage for a person at a time.

Story is based on some unrealistic reasons for Kapil’s marriage each time. Following a cheesy item number by Elli Avram, featuring weed things in songs is becoming a trend now. Items songs are little turn off in between the movie. Other than above mentioned very few turnoff’s, movie is awesome and worth watching. No doubt over the talented person Kapil Sharma, he is beautifully abled to give justice to his role as a comedian, actor and specially he bought emotions in comedy which looks completely real even you know that it is a comic emotional scene.


There are bunch of brilliant actors on board starting with Varun Sharma, playing character of a lawyer and friend of Kapil Sharma. 3The briefing of Newton’s law and science for making people puzzled to save Kapil from various problems are some good moments presented by Varun Sharma in the movie. Sharat Saxena as father of Kapil Sharma really gave some hilarious moments in movie like romancing with Supriya Pathak playing background music of Dhadkhan movie’s song Dil ne yeh kaha hai Dil Se… 4Arbaaz Khan as brother in law of Kapil Sharma also did well as per his character. Last but not least Jamie Lever daughter of the legend Johny Lever is also there in the movie as a Kaamwali Baai (Servant), short role but effective one.

Overall I found every single person laughing out of heart throughout the movie and there was a smile over every one going out of the theater at end.