A Flying Jatt – Movie Review

2 Stars (2 / 5)

A super hero movie from Director Remo D’Souza under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures. I bet whoever took the decision to make this movie in Balaji Motion Picture was ready to spoil the time and money and to gift a Super Flop Super Hero to Indian Audience. This guy our super hero Tiger Shroff he is a good dancer, having a very nice physique and good looking too but trust me he is not a good actor till now. Very poor dialogue delivery and expression lead his character to a complete mess in the movie. His last movie Baaghi and Heropanti were far much better than this one.

Movie is all about a holy tree which is having the emblem of Sikh Religion “Khanda” and people living nearby worship that tree and had a belief that the tree is a sign of god which can bring miracles to the life. Kay Kay Menon is in the movie as a multi billionaire industrialist who want to make a bridge on the river nearby that tree and for that he has to get rid of the same. Amrita Singh is in the movie as mother of Tiger Shroff who stand against the industrialist and the dirty fight began in between a regular family and the bad industrialist. Somehow in a dramatic situation Tiger Shroff got some super natural powers from the same tree and in a blue suit designed by his mother he started his journey to save the world from the evil Raaka (Naathan Jhones) who became a powerful evil due to toxic pollution and waste dump by our society. In short Director Remo tried to deliver a good message to the society regarding cleanliness and pollution condition of our country but he failed miserably in terms of a movie. Average direction, average screenplay and bad quality animations made the movie really hard to digest.

Only good part of the movie is that it is delivering some good messages from Sikhism and some of the important events of history where Sikh religion proved the power of community and dedication of Sikh people towards the country. The phrase which developed as a joke that Sikh become mad at twelve ‘O clock, it is actually referred to a real life incident which depicts the power and sacrifice of the community, which is clearly explained in the movie.

Jacqueline Fernandez is there in the movie as opposite lead for our super hero in a bubbly character looking beautiful but with not much effective role in the story. I guess the producers would be able to gain some money by selling the music rights of the song Beat Pe Booty as it became viral by the kind of music and dance, along with the Beat Pe Booty dance challenge started by celebrities.

Please watch this movie only if you have nothing to do and having a good patience level.

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