Sarbjit – Movie Review

4 Stars (4 / 5)

A movie which you should not miss at any cost. Brilliant piece of cinema from Director Omung Kumar based on the real story of a person who by mistake crossed the Pakistan border and got arrested with an allegation of being Indian Spy and later mistaken as Ranjith Singh who was accused for a serial bomb blast in Pakistan. Movie begins with the happy go days of Sarbjit in a small village at Punjab nearby India-Pakistan border. After being caught by Pakistan army, the beyond third degree torture that he undergo, and the way he is been treated in the Pakistani Jail is terrific and hard to even think about it. He is later sentenced for capital punishment by the supreme court of Pakistan. Randeep Hooda played the role of Sarbjit and I have no words to explain his performance. His dedication and the outstanding performance outraged his all past roles and I guess this one may be the best one till now. Talking about dedication, he revealed looks of skinny and weak Sarbjit in jail, for which he has been in starvation mode monitored by his sister Dr. Anjali Hooda. He lost 18 Kgs in the span of 28 days and it was like a torture for him. He was only allowed to 500-600 calories a day with no starch and only protein.


Another side, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rocked the screen with her equally powerful character or I can say little overshadowed Randeep Hooda by her brilliant performance. She played the role of Sarbjit’s sister who devoted her whole life to go after Sarbjit, fight against system and Pakistan government to prove the innocence of her brother and to bring him back to India.


The sixty percent of movie is filled with her presence portraying the whole life journey of a young lady to a white haired old woman devoting whole of her life for an impossible mission and fight against the world. Richa Chadda is there in the movie as wife of Sarabjit. Very effortlessly she portrayed the emotional journey of a women losing her husband for no reason in her early romantic days of marriage and left with two children, who not even get to see their father’s face in consciousness.

richa chadda

While watching the movie you will realize how lucky you are as you are sitting in some lavish seats of a multiplex and watching the movie freely. Just think about the man who got trapped in a wooden box for months without food and light. Pakistan army left him with mice in the same box, he was being bitten and infected by them. Third degree torture and everything without even the person know why he is there and what is his offence. So next time when you feel that you are not satisfied with the life given my almighty you should think there are hell lot of people still trapped in Pakistan Jails without any reason. It is not a one sided thing; more than 275 Pakistan people are also there in Indian jail as per the stats of 2015.

Movie is a must watch to realize the value of your life, and to experience the outstanding performance of Randeep and Aishwarya.


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