Gabbar is Back – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

Akshay kumar again rocking nowadays by series of awesome movies like Oh My God, Special 26, Baby and now the thriller “Gabbar is Back”. Brilliant and outstanding performance by Akshay Kumar.


Even the story line is in the old platform of our country’s biggest evil corruption, but it is a new packet and flavour. You are really gonna have goose bumps while watching the movie. Akshay kumar as a citizen who get frustrated by our so called system rages a war against them in garb of a mystery man ‘Gabbar’. He almost busted every department and reached a milestone where change has occurred in our system. Also some social media pages are spreading viral messages like our country need more Gabbars rather than Gandhis.


Shruti Hasan, looking beautiful and gorgeous in the movie is not allocated with much role. Kareena is in a guest appearance but really made the song ‘Teri meri Kahani’ a nice piece of entertainment.


Sunil Grover as a Hawaldar in movie has shown his potential out from Guthi of Comedy night with Kapil Sharma.

I personally believe Suman Talwar’s impact as a villan is not much good, but in a combo with Akshay Kumar it went through.

Rest the whole cast did a fantabulous job which makes this movie a worth watching at least once.

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