Welcome to Karachi – Movie Review

2 Stars (2 / 5)

From the starting itself you will get a feel that movie is little low budget and bit boring till the first 15-20 minutes. Some unbelievable animations like A big cruise boat get drowned in sea due to bad climatic conditions but a small rescue boat managed there.


Later on, the duo did a fantastic performance. Hats off to Arshad Warsi… a born actor and talented comedian. The way they portrayed Karachi and world war on the street of city between embassies of each country created so much fun. Very excellent picturization of Taliban area (Wazirastan). Jackie is playing the role of dump Gujarati guy who’s foolishness lead to so many problems and Arshad is a court martial-led  Indian Naval Officer. You also get to see the beautiful girl of ABCD Part1 Lauren Gottlieb as Pakistan Intelligence.


Cheers to script writer, movie is rich with punches of Arshad and Jackie Bhagnani. It seems Jackie’s acting is getting matured day by day and I believe it is good for him to tie-up with senior actors like Arshad to prove his name in the industry. Both of the lead guys did an excellent job but the lacking point of the movie is some boring songs and last but the main point is no strong climax.But I assure, the movie is much give you some light chilling moments with the way they created humour in simple things.

Go and watch the movie if you have nothing to do at this weekend and enjoy some light humour.

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