Tevar – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A movie by father for his dearest son… Exactly a tailor made, complete pack of Bollywood masala to satiate the taste buds of Indian audience, targeting multiplexes to single screens. Boney Kapoor has really worked hard for his son and presented a brilliant movie with direction and beautiful screenplay of Mr. Amit Ravindernath Sharma. You can see the beauty of Agra and Mathura in all the senses with colourful locations and typical uniqueness of the region.


Talking about story there is nothing new, its same old story of bollywood in a little bit new package and faces. But would like to emphasise, the movie is not bad at all. Brilliant performance by Mr. Manoj Bajpai… Outstanding expressions and awesome dialogues.

Regarding Arjun Kapoor, he did well other than if you can accept larger than life action sequences exactly like what he is claiming in the movie that he is a “Superman”. An angry young man’s role who is fighting for a girl and at last fallen in love with the girl for ultimate climax fight.

Some songs are really touching in the second half, but some are really annoying in the first half. You can see Sonakshi Sinha in a sensible role out of her past few track record. She has lost quite some pounds of body fat and thus, looking ripped and beautiful in the role of a very next door girl.



Overall it is a paisa vasool one time watch if you are fond of bollywood masala movies with larger than life action stunts…

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