Veerappan – Movie Review

3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

This time Ram Gopal Varma nailed it with good cinema, awesome narration, direction and excellent performance from Sandeep Bhardwaj as Veerappan. This movie is biographical story of Indian bandit Veerappan who was spreading terror with his notorious crimes, sandal wood and elephant teeth smuggling, for nearly 30 years in the forests of the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Various operations held by police failed to catch Veerappan. He killed more than 184 people in his span, out of them 87 was police officials and forest officers. Almost killed more than 900 elephants for teeth smuggling.


He kidnapped Kannada actor Raj Kumar for his desire of fame and money. This movie almost projected his life events and perfectly portrayed the terror and sharpness of Veerappan. While watching the movie I felt that it is made for glorifying a criminal or to project such a personality in front of public, in such a vast state that for 30 years our forces couldn’t catch him. This can also make negative impact on the people of our country. Some youth may get inspired by him. However, Ram Gopal Verma made this with good intention, as per his statement, “Making Veerappan is not glorifying a criminal, but it is to put a mirror to how he was allowed to happen in the first place”.


Sachin Joshi is playing the role of police officer who made the master plan to bring Veerappan out of the jungle and to encounter him. I must say it was exciting watching him in this character, brilliant and outstanding performance. Usha Jadhav playing the role of Muthulakshmi, wife of Veerappan is remarkable in the movie. You can see Lisa Ray back to the silver screen with excellent piece of acting. She is playing the role of a widow whose husband was a police officer and got killed by Veerappan. She coordinated with police to make the master plan for trapping Veerappan. veerappan-lisarayShiva Rajkumar a suspended cop was the important person in the movie to get Veerappan trapped. Besides having a short role in the movie he nailed the character and I bet he will be in the mind of audience for long time due to his unique style of acting. Other than this you can expect some loud background score in the movie as like the signature style of Mr. Ram Gopal Varma.

Well, it is a must watch to know about the biggest villain till today in the world.

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