Tera Suroor – Movie Review

1 Stars (1 / 5)

A torture from Himesh Reshammiya and Farah Karimaee which can really make you mad and cry loud out in the cinema hall or you must have a very high tolerance level like me to see the movie till the end. And if, even after reading the above line, you are going to watch the movie then I will suggest to go for a holiday post that to make you relax or a meditation session to get rid of the frustration of movie.


Talking about movie there is nothing other than some sleeky and not needed intense looks of Himesh. From start to end you can see Himesh in various intense looks and showing off his skinny body and abs with some larger than life action not suiting over the metro sexual look of Himesh in the movie. Actress Farah is just used as a beautiful face without much dialogue and role. Other irritating thing is, there is a villan with the name Anirudh Pandit but till the last scene there is no face for him. May be the film makers thought that this will create a thrill over audience, but sorry it actually irritated us.


Irony is that when I was at Box office for ticket of Tera Suroor the ticket vendor, people around were looking at me in a manner that as if, I have asked for something which is not acceptable in society. Due to embarrassment I asked in a lower voice for ticket but that bloody vendor re-confirmed the movie and show time in his loud speaker, making me really embarrassed. After all these things, in the cinema I got a little relief when I saw there were three more fools like me to watch the show. So it was a total of four people in the hall.

Please don’t watch the movie at all, it may lead you to Brain Malfunction.

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