Bangistan – Movie Review

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

A light comedy Movie along with a message from Director Karan Anshuman, but failed to impress audience completely. The dashing Pulkit Samrat and versatile Ritesh Deshmukh did there job with full justice but the script or the story lacked the soul and thus fail to present the actual thoughts of director. The intensity required in the movie was not there for the kind of message they want to spread even after bunch of great list of actors they bundled up with.


You can expect some good kind of punches and things they have placed in the imaginary place which they have named as Bangistan. For instance, McDonalds becomes FcDonalds, having a guy sitting with gun and painted face in the place of McDonalds’ Ronald. The kind of environment they have created for a call centre at Bangistan. Even after so much creativity it does not have that much effect and grasp over the audience. They have wasted the talent of Jacklyn Fernadez in the movie just for a song and a 5% appearance as a Bar Tender.

Movie is all about Terrorism and creating Terrorist in the name of religion. A humorous way to represent the message that please come over above the religion and join hands together for the utmost religion and that is Humanity. A Muslim explains Hindu about the message in Bhagwad Gita and the Hindu explain back the message conveyed in Quran.

Overall the movie is bit boring due to the emotionless screenplay… you can watch it for a light humour with some serious message.

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