Drishyam – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A remake of Malayalam Movie – Drishyam starer Mohan Lal & Meena directed by Jeethu Joseph is re-drawn by Nishikant Kamat, leading role by Ajay Devgan and Shirya Saran. Even though the intensity what Mohanlal created is not there in the Hindi Version, but it is an excellent performance in class by Ajay Devgan.


He may be the only one in the Film Industry for this role and probably will be chosen for National Award as Mohanlal earned. The weak and strong point of the movie was lady characters, Shirya Sharan lost it completely by giving a loose grab on the character and poor dialogue delivery. I am not sure either her dubbing artist or her own voice, it was completely emotion less and seems like lagging and in a very damn slow pitch. It was irritating the whole pace of movie.

But at the same side Tabu rocked the movie by the kind of intensity and mature performance she had on the screen. Almost parallel with Ajay she did a fantastic role of an IG Police .She is coming back to the silver screen with strong performances like earlier in Haider and now this one. Movie is all about a common man saving his family from the law after committing a crime unexpectedly.


How cleverly he made a master plan simply spoofing the police by re-creating the whole incident in the manner to proof that they didn’t even know about the crime. This re-creation of the time is just like showing somebody a visual screen to make them believe that the truth is not what actually it is. Here comes out the meaning of title of the movie “Drishyam”…

It’s a one-time watch filled by thrill and suspense… go for it for a kind of watching serious acting.

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