Talvar – Movie Review

3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

A dramatic re-creation, based on a true incident of Aarushi Talvar murder case also named as Noida Double Murder Case. It happened on March 2008 and is still a debate about who the murderer is. Though the parents have been accused as murders by court and are sentenced for life imprisonment. The first investigation report of CBI states the murderer to be a guy who is the compounder of Mr. Talvar and also friend of Talvar Family’s servant, who was also killed that night. However, the second investigation report states the parents are the culprit and as per movie the second report has been modified and drafted intentionally to prove the parents as guilty.

Talking about movie, Director Meghna Gulzar did a fantastic job and very beautifully carried the intensity of the story throughout the movie. Initial stage of the film is projecting the ridiculous way of operation of Police to investigate any case in our country. There cold behaviour and incompetency is portrayed in the character of a lazy and useless police inspector, who was the investigation in-charge of this case in the beginning. Due to his lack of responsibility and foolishness the case became complicated and a mystery in the history of our judiciary system. Movie seems lagging and little slow in the beginning but gained pace gradually after forty percent of its completion. We can see some real good interesting processes CBI follow in their investigations.


The characters of movie almost resemble the original people related to the real incident. It is one of the outstanding and awesome performance of Irfan Khan leading the movie as a CDI officer (CBI replica in the movie). Each and every character like Konkona Sen as Mother and Neeraj Kabi as Father executed the role so beautifully that the audience will really travel through the hard time actually faced by that family. How a happy going family reached to a tragic end overnight is really a shocking and intolerable event in the race of human society. The whole story passed through different kind of variations plotting various investigation reports claimed by officials throughout the case.


If we believe or we follow what movie wants to convey and if it is truth, this is a shameful mark on our law and order. Other than the justice over the case the whole movie depicts lot of evils and disgraceful things about our society like one of my friend Rashmi Aich  expressed her views in Facebook:

“Read Avirook’s Sen Aarushi and watched Talvar over the weekend and it left me really shaken about the kind of world we live in. I was not raised in a metropolitan city but still our society in a much smaller town was far modern in our outlook. Why is it so wrong to be an educated and open minded person in this side of India? Why having a drink at the end of the day in the confines of your home a taboo? Why adolescents can’t have sleepovers without doing anything fishy? Why being attracted to people from other gender of our age during teenage is a bad mark on someone’s character? How it is ok to penalize a woman just because she is strong headed? Why should we generalize someone’s way of mourning? A family was destroyed just because they didn’t look the so called decent “backward” people, who would curb their child’s freedom just because she is a girl.”

As she expressed the movie is talking about the narrow minded so called proud middle class of our country, the kind of a category of un-educated youth those can’t differentiate between love and lust. Irony is that the reason behind this mind-set is due to their upbringing in such a kind of society who believe that our culture is the best one in the world and don’t want to think over the fact that what is good for them and what is bad, it is all about a knee-jerk kind of society in our country.

Movie ends up with an interesting debate between the two teams lined up by Investigation Bureau which clearly give a message to the society that how corrupted and how easy it is to manipulate our law those who are in power.

Movie is a must watch for everyone, to realize the truth that, how much unpredictable our life in this society is.

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