Kill Dil- Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)

Kill/Dil Movie is a colourful live presentation by Yash Raj Films. Not a single minute, other than some unwanted song sequences, which will slow down the pace. A humorous & brilliant performance by Ranveer Singh, looks like he is back with some acting as was in his first Yash Raj venture Baand Baaja Baraat. Ranveer Singh’s on screen effort dips the presence of Ali Zafar a little bit, however he too remarkable in the movie.

Brilliant & Outstanding performance by the all time great actor Govinda… You must watch this movie for him.. Back with his signature dance steps.. shaking shoulders with slow motion hand movements. Can see a fit, slim and all refreshed Govinda in this movie. In fact, he is seen in a negative role in this movie, you gonna love him and will be in your mind for at least next 10 days after the movie.

Parineeti Chopra looks stunning and gorgeous in the movie with a bold Delhi Girl Character as she almost play next.

The weak point is the climax…

Movie will end up so suddenly that you will get surprised like was expecting some thing big at the end and goes as usual happy ending bollywood drama.

“Well it is worth watching once even the story is very predictable… Watch it for a light humorous weekend and for Govinda and Ranveer Singh”

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