Ghayal Once Again – Movie Review

3 Stars (3 / 5)

It is a Sunny Deol kind of movie with some good acting and performance. Produced by Dharmendra and Directed by Sunny Deol himself, presenting an outstanding work other than some larger than life actions in climax scene. The first half and the major portion of second half is so much connecting with the audience that I bet nobody gonna feel lagging or boring for even a single minute.


Movie has a hold over audience emotionally and Sunny Deol nailed the character with so much enthusiasm that it will really give you goosebumps in some scenes. The story is portrayed as a sequel of predecessor Ghayal, Mr. Ompuri and Sunny Deol are the character time travelled from there. Four kids from their happy go days suddenly get trapped into a mess due to a video, which is an evidence of a murder connected with some bureaucrats. Sunny deol appears there as a saviour for them and fight against the evil and there the movie goes on.

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Soha Ali Khan is in supporting role with Sunny Deol and both run a press company with the name of Satyakam. Neha Khan, Aanchal Munjal, Shivam Patil and Rishabh Arora are playing the characters of kids. Narendra N Jha is in the evil side playing the role of a multi-millionaire of Mumbai, possessing immense power and influence over the country.

Overall it is a onetime watch, especially for Sunny Deol Fans….

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