Khilte Hain Gul Yahan – Play Review

5 Stars (5 / 5)

I have been reviewing Hindi Movies from last 3 years and never wrote about any plays in this span. But some days back we were invited to attend a play of children performing at Department of Social Work, Delhi University. Directed by a theater group EEPSA mentored by Mrs. Sumita Arora and Mrs Bhawna Dureja. It is a group where the actors are children, aged from 9-16 years old.


Frankly speaking, I am amazed with the kind of performance, the intensity in the acting, dialogue delivery and the whole screenplay they have brought down into the stage in such short time. I must say it is much better than most of the movies we watch and the biggest effort is that there is no re-takes and second chance for you in a live play. Children executed it so beautifully that I saw tears in the eyes of audience including me.

The play was themed on Parent Child relationship suggesting that over criticism and over appreciation are equally evil for the life of children. The whole play was beautifully directed in a way portraying three different families with different situations where parents are criticizing badly their kids related to their academic performance, curricular activities and in the same manner over appreciation of kids on their achievements on various factors leading them failure in their future. Children who are over criticized for their mistakes or lows turned as depressed and under confident. In the same manner those who are over appreciated or empty praised leads them to be arrogant, slacker and lazy. Later on in the same play they have shown what is the correct way of upbringing and the results of balanced level of praising and criticism.

During the play, I am 100% sure that every single audience can attach their childhood to any one of the scenario or multiple scenario portrayed on stage, which takes you to a journey through your nostalgic moments and that depicts the success and effect of the show. At last but not the least I appreciate the whole bunch of children who fantastically took this act to infinite heights and wish you guys best wishes for your upcoming plays and hope to see more plays sooner…

I would like to mention the whole cast name here and can’t take out any name as best because they all were outstanding.

  • Chehak as (Tanya),
  • Gunjan as (Anita, Zeenat),
  • Hriday as (Hriday),
  • Kabir as (Sid,maid),
  • Mythili as ( Mr singh, Dadi),
  • Nikunj as ( Risshit),
  • Pragya as ( prof),
  • Preet as ( Rashi, Neha),
  • Priya as ( Rimmi, radhika -rashi’s mom),
  • Siya as ( sid’s mom),
  • Smriti as ( sid’s dad),
  • Soumya as ( vivek – rashi’s dad),
  • Vasudha as ( preeti – tanya’s mom).

My best wishes and thanks to Mrs Sumita Arora & Mrs Bhawna Dureja to be keeping this EEPSA group alive with such beautiful works and best wishes for ahead.

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