Airlift – Movie Review

4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

One of the most awaited film of 2016, predicted as a block buster before it’s release because of the deadly combo of Akshay Kumar and the story line. Director Raja Menon amazingly made the movie with a perfect direction leading the story in a mix and match of thrill and emotion.


Akshay Kumar rocked the screen with his outstanding performance as Ranjit Katyal (based on the real life character Sunny Mathew),  an influential business person based in Kuwait. He is one of the key person who stood with 1, 70,000 Indians based there and helped them to get back to our country. Movie has realistic filming and sets are amazingly designed just like a war zone. Nimrat Kaur did a fantastic Job as wife of Akshay Kumar, supported the pace of the movie towards the peak.


You can see Lena (Actress from Kerala) as a Malayali with some Malayalam dialogues and Purab Kohli as Ibrahim in supporting roles doing really well. The story of the movie is based on the real incident where India owes a Guinness World Record for the largest Airlift evacuation in the history. It happened on 2nd August 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the Iraq Army took over the Kuwait in few hours. The Kuwait Government escaped to Saudi Arabia without even thinking about their people and massive population from outside Kuwait working there. In the collaboration of Indian Airlines, Air India and Air Force, India did this heroic evacuation by operating 488 flights from 13th August to 11th October 1990. A total of 1, 70,000 people were airlifted to Mumbai.

Movie is also having some beautiful songs like “Soch Na Sake” and “Tu Bhoola Jise” making the soul more strong. I salute the officials who worked behind this historical event of 1990 but on the same time movie also project the lack of coordination and arrangement of our country in this kind of situation. But I am proud that in our current time, we are well equipped and alerted for this kind of situation as an example the rescue mission of Indian national nurses from Syria last year.

Go and watch the movie to experience history and thrill…

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