Hamari Adhuri Kahani – Movie Review

2.0 Stars (2.0 / 5)

A kind of emotional movie from 90’s with a modern touch is the one liner definition for this film. I would say it is keeping an emotional quotient from the starting to end without losing it even for a bit. No doubt over the talent of Vidya Balan as she did a fantastic role as a women who fell in love with a billionaire owing an empire of hotels all over the world.


In between the beautiful love story of them, her past  coming up is the entire summary of movie. Emraan Hashmi look stunning in the movie as a business tycoon,that any enthusiastic can admire his character and aspire to be like him in the life.


Raj Kumar Yadav the talented actor debuted by Ragni MMS in 2011 is playing the husband of Vidya Balan paid full justice to his role. Movie is portraying the artistic view of a flower lover or a florist with rich presentation of awesome Dubai. In spite of movie being little slow, it is covered up by awesome music and outstanding dialogues. Story is giving hell lot of messages to the society like… Marriage is not a liability it is the art of living but at any stage if it becomes a liability you should get rid of it.


It is not like being a women is to sacrifice her life for the sake of keeping a marriage alive. Love means to love the person and to see him/her happy with or without you. It is a message towards the Hippocratic society to don’t under estimate the power of women and not to exploit them in the terms of so called “sanskar” and “rituals”. Women power is something if she is determined she can conquer the world. Overall it is an excellent watch with a message

“Live your life, not a routine”… please avoid the movie who doesn’t like the 90’s era.

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