Creature 3D – Movie Review

2 Stars (2 / 5)

First thing to mention is Amazing 3D effects as it was not a 3D simulation but an actual 3D movie. After so long a good 3D and perfect use of VFX animation in Bollywood. Story of the movie is based on a monster portrayed as “Brahm Rakshas” based on Hindu mythological facts. A kind of evil powers you can hear every next door at inside villages of India.

Bipasha Basu, as usual looking stunning but don’t know why she is looking more refreshed and pretty on this thriller presentation. The low down for the movie was Imran Abbas Naqvi the lead male actor; due to crooked looks with the unshaved beard with not great expressions and bad piece of acting. Felt he was not even interested to do the proper lip movement for the song dubbing.

It’s a onetime watch if you want to see Bipasha and good 3D effects. In between you may feel the movie went slow due to the long try scenes to kill the Brahm Rakshas with dramatic 7 Bullets left with Bipasha.

Ending up with the melodious song Saawan aaya hai by the blessed singer Arjit Singh…

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