Bang Bang! – Movie Review

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

Bang Bang! – Fully banged my mind… Another disaster for Hrithik and Katrina Kaif. Movie offers nothing other than good locations, fight scenes and Hrithik’s six pack abs.

As everyone know, this movie mirrors Hollywood movie Knight and Day, it is nothing other than mere a copy. Soulless, story less piece of time waste. Same larger than life actions and stunts like super heroes. Our hero never get hurts even if he is two or three bullets down. Katrina looking gorgeous and Hrithik Roshan as always mind blowing with his Greek look charisma topped with ripped six packs/eight packs abs.

But, I hope movie will do well on Single Screens as it is a bundle of nice actions like fly-board sequence and driving formula-1 car on streets reminds me the movie “Driven”


Why you should watch Bang Bang?

1. Nice locations
2. Colorful Timepass
3. Action and Stunts
4. Hardcore Hrithik/Katrina Fan
5. You have nothing to do.

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