50 Lakhs Donation by Salman Khan for J&K flood victims

Who doesn’t know Salman Khan for his helpful nature. His ideology is to give as much as possible to the society; for its the society who enabled him to be what he is.His charitable foundation Being Human salman-khan-has been actively working for many causes and recently, the star and his foundation took up a new cause. A yet another deed that credits to his account is his donation of 50 lakh for the aid of Jammu and Kashmir flood victims. Salman, a man with golden heart, never leaves a needy person empty handed.

He might treat a few people with indifference but always give justice to those who are in real need.

And thus, this move too is not at all a surprise to us. No matter howsoever busy he is, but he still manage to take out time for his social responsibility.I suppose, this is the reason that his fans have unconditional love for him. No one pay any heed to any balky act of his. Its not his stardom that attracts people but he as a person is what that has developed fondness for him.

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